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King Thurgun
25-04-2008, 02:23
Read the fluff for the Carroburg Greatswords in the Empire book, really loved the color scheme and the background, so I made myself an army. Didn't go over the top with the Greatswords, they're still elite after all, basically just used them as the cornerstone for an offensive infantry force, purposefully excluding warmachines. Faith and steel!

Grand Master- Dawn Armor- 180 pt.s

Captain- Battle Standard, Armor of Meteoric Iron- 100 pt.s

Warrior Priest- Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Jade Amulet- 138 pt.s

Warrior Priest- Heavy Armor, Bronze Shield- 114 pt.s

Swordsmen- 24 w/ Full Command- 229 pt.s
-Halberdier Detachment- 10- 50 pt.s

Knightly Order- 11 w/ Full Command- 293 pt.s

Handgunners- 15- 120 pt.s

Handgunners- 15- 120 pt.s

Archers- 10 w/ Huntsmen upgrade- 100 pt.s

Greatswords- 20 w/ Full Command- 230 pt.s
-Halberdier Detachment- 10- 50 pt.s

Greatswords- 20 w/ Full Command- 230 pt.s
-Halberdier Detachment- 10- 50 pt.s

Pistoliers- 6 with Musician and Outrider- 122 pt.s

Pistoliers- 6 with Musician and Outrider- 122 pt.s

Total- 2248 pt.s

BSB with the Swordsmen, Warrior Priests with the Greatswords, Grandmaster with his knights. Swordsmen and Greatswords hold the line while the Knights circle around and hammer through the flanks, pistoliers go ahead of them to make sure they reach the enemy flanks unharassed. The Handgunnners will harass enemy infantry units and the Huntsmen will hunt wizards and war machines (or at least be annoying).

Suggestions/corrections for a new empire players?

The Red Scourge
25-04-2008, 07:48
I like it. It will look great on the field, and its an aggressive empire army – which is rarely seen.

Yet, I fear that you lack something to hit hard when the pesky High Elves turn up with their mandatory star dwagon. I'd give it an extra thought, before I'd give up empire cannons, as there is nothing out there which hits just as hard – these are the things I fear, when I go fight the empire (being chaos, my elite are better than your elite, so you need something to soften me up).

I'd probably kill off the huntsmen for a cannon and divide the knights up into to units, and use them to support your infantry by flank charging. Your greatswords only have a charge range of 8" and you'll have to march them towards the enemy, so they'll probably be charged, but they're stubborn so they'll stand and allow you to have your knights flank charge the chargers.

These are my words. Now I have an invasion to plan.