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Warboss Jhura Ironfang
25-04-2008, 14:35
I've been wondering, how do you pronounce several 40k related words:

Astartes- my friend says "ass-tarts", but he plays Eldar so I'm doubtful

Leman- is it "lee-man" or "lemun" (as in lemon)

Shas'ui- "shaz-we" or "shas-oo-wee" I'm not trusting DoW for the real deal

Jokearo- "joker-o" or "jo-kair-o"

Vostroyan- "vo-stroy-an" or "vuh-stroy-in"

Peturabo- "puh-ter-a-bo" or "peter-a-bo"

Baal- "ball" or "bale" I'm pretty sure its the second but might as well be sure

If any more come up, I'll add them in. So please, fer da luv uv Gork, lemme know how the words are really pronounced!

Cheerz, Jhura

Goq Gar
25-04-2008, 14:55
Pronunciation in Asterisks.

(bad word) - tarts... your friend will be recieving a visit from the inquisition. Soon. *Ah-star-teez*
*Lee - Man*
*Shah - Zoo - Wee*
*Jo - Care - Oh*
*Voh - Stro - Yan*
*Peh - tur - ah - bo*
*Baaaa hhh lll, as in the bal from ballistics, said very slowly. Ba-ahl*

Then again, there is no correct way to pronounce these. They are entirely up to you. But (bad word) - tarts deserves a back handed slap.

25-04-2008, 15:10
Goq makes a good point, nobody's going to come kicking your door in for having your own way of saying these things. Here's my take FWIW.

Astartes- As-TAR-tays (I use a slight rolling of the R).

Leman- I rhyme it with "Freeman" as in the actor.

Shas'ui- Shaz-OO-ee.

Jokearo- It's actually spelt "jokaero", so I say it "jo-KAY-er-oh".

Vostroyan- This must be an accent thing, I'd say both of your transliterations pretty much the same. "Voss-TROY-ann", again with the slight roll of the R since that gives it the appropriate Russianesque sound.

Peturabo- Perr-terr-AH-boh.

Baal - Rhymes with the last syllable of "Taj Mahal", possible a tiny beat longer.

Warboss Jhura Ironfang
25-04-2008, 15:17
Many thanks Goq and Sikk, most were as I thought they would be! As for the Eldar boy, I'll be seeing him tomorrow, so I'll print this page and glue it to a 2x4 and "teach" him proper respect. Still, it's kinda funny sounding "Fear my (his pronunciation of Astartes)!" Maybe I'll let it slide if he plays Dark Angels... :rolleyes:

Cheerz, Jhura

25-04-2008, 15:30
Leman- lee-mun

Shas'ui- shaz-wee

Jokearo- ju-kai-ro

Vostroyan- voss-troy-in

Peturabo- per-ter-i-boe

Baal- bay-ul

Astartes- ul-trah-smerphs


Warboss Jhura Ironfang
25-04-2008, 16:35
Astartes- ul-trah-smerphs

Mind if I sigg that my good man?

dark blade
25-04-2008, 16:53
Astartes- Ass - tar (as in star) - teas

Leman- Lee Mahn ( i knwo that there is no h sound in there but it is something that i have always done without meaning to)

Shas'ui- Sh - as - oo - ee

Jokearo- joke - ear - o

Vostroyan- V - oh - s - troy - ah -n

Peturabo- Ph - et - urr - a - bh - o

Baal- B - arr - a - lh

before anyone asks no i dont have a speach impediment, just that some of my pronounciation is slightly ''off'' becouse it is not my first language.