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25-04-2008, 16:37
i have thought about starting a new high elves army. i have decided to have it based or themed on the realm of chrace. so that includes woods / forest and white lions

do any of you know any tips on how to convert them or any ideas on what i should use?

25-04-2008, 16:43
Good thing you've got a theme in your mind soulcrusher...i'm still coming up with a story for my army - anyway...

so charace = lions and that stuff

now i'll prob make some white lions out of some spearmen in the future and what i'm thinking about is using the cloaks that came with the empire knights (for the white wolves) as a basis. Assuming you'll get some chariots you'll use all the white lion stuff for the crew and the lions - i think you can make a sort of mould for one of the lions heads and replicate themwith greenstuff and blend them in with the cloaks - ooooorrrr you can go look in some toy store and buy some small plastic lions and chop them up ;p

fur's quite easy to make - tell me if you want any tips XD


25-04-2008, 16:47
thanks for the advice :) i was also thinking using wood elf stuff to add to the spearmen / archers / bolt throwers for the forest theme

btw i think caledor seems a pretty good theme. dragons , nice nobles ,dragon princes , it would be great adding dragon stuff to spearmen and phoenix guard could be converted and made to look like preists of vaul etc .

25-04-2008, 17:02
the citadel woods plastic kit has a few small piles of leaves on the sprue. practically useless for the trees itself, but very nice to put on any forest-themed base.

also leftover bits from the dryad sprue can resemble fallen branches on the larger bases, which look awesome too

25-04-2008, 17:03
hey nice idea thanks :D

btw in a heavily wooded enviorment do u think that a wood elf or a white lion themed army would stand the best chance?

25-04-2008, 17:22
That's a good question... too good for me!

However for conversions, I'd suggest you use Glade Riders for Ellyrian Reavers (along with various HE parts), and mix the Glade Rider torsoes with High Elf legs for Shadow Warriors. Then you can have two units of White Lions and two White Lion Chariots. This just leaves you with Spearmen and Archers to convert, which you can do with a few spares from the Chariot box.

25-04-2008, 18:09
yeh originally i was going to have around 2 units of white lions along with chariots, then i would have the usual stuff conveted like spearmen , archers , RBT , mages , nobles .

the ellyrain / silver helms idea converted using bits from glade guard is pretty nice and i might actually try it

btw? on the he dragon kit are the prince parts the same or different to the prince / noble parts in the foot and mounted boxed set ? because i was wondering if i could make a white lion themed prince leading my force on a star dragon.