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15-10-2005, 15:43
Hi, i am thinking of starting a chaos army. I was thinking of including a character on a dragon in a 2000 pt list but i dont know if it would be over the top to include this in a 200o pt list. The rest of the list would be mainly warriors and maybe a unit of kinghts, a chariot or two and possibly some marauders. It would most likely be a undivided list.


15-10-2005, 17:03
Don't go for a Dragonrider, mainly Wariors and perhaps some Marauders, IF you want to have more units than the minimum core that is.

In a game of 2k including a Dragon, I would take the Dragon rider, 4 blocks of 25 Marauders with a Full Command and perhaps even full equipmet (Shields, LA, Greatweapons, although, you get more if you don't)

Arround this core of foot troops, I would then add two units of Marauder Horsemen in order to aid in flankcharges and distraction.

I would also add a unit of Furies to fly ahead and deal with Cannons and similar threats.

You should still have quite a few points left for a unit or two of Knights or Wariors as well as a second and perhaps a third character (preferably Sorcerors to aid your Dragon in Magic Defence, but also to give some kind of threat image to your opponent)

Now, you would have an army of at least 7 units, 2 Sorcerors AND a Lord on Dragon, that is what I call a Chaos army

16-10-2005, 01:44
next time im at my local GW store i might buy the hordes of chaos army book to see how much i can fit in.

19-10-2005, 01:46
The Dragon is nice if you want to avoid paying for an painting lots of other stuff. But, the more marauders that you buy and paint the better. I would suggest getting 50 of these guys and start with that. Then as you prefer, go with what feels right.

bork da basher
25-10-2005, 23:31
as a rule in my games nothing dragony in less than 3000pts, there a waste of points in anything below that and in my opinion a waste of points in general anyway. as often as they perforn well ive seen them do terribly. and if your a chaos lord then thats a LOT of points flapping around which is pretty easy to loose.

26-10-2005, 00:29
instead of the lord on dragon try playing Galrauch...
i play him with tzeench beasts and hes neato...