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20-04-2005, 19:33
Borgio the Beseiger.
250 Points

Paymaster; Dulphius Krenga
Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armour.
103 Points

Wizard; Meldor Gahn
2 Dispell Scrolls, Level II, Barded Warhorse.
159 Points

Wizard; Felix Mange
2 Dispell Scrolls, Level II.
145 Points

20 Alcatani Fellowship.
215 Points

20 Ricco's Republican Guard.
300 Points

19 Leopold's Leopard Regiment.
318 Points

10 Al Muktar's Desert Dogs
297 Points

6 Golgfag's Ogres
375 Points

10 Mengil Manhide's Manflayers
363 Points

Gotrek and Felix
475 Points

Points; 3000
Models; 135
Casting Pool; 6
Dispell Pool; 4
I'm not actually counting on the Mages to do anything, I know that it would be better if I just went for Mages with Scrolls, but I want to try something, getting Fire Wall and Comet.

Only Regiments of Reknown? What am I thinking? To be fluffly, actually! You see this Army has been hand picked by Borgio to lead an expedition into the Lands of the Dead to find a Vampire Count, me and my friend will be playing a Night Raid scenario with play test Rules. And of course, I'll be the attacker. I'll see if I can get the Night Raid Rules up somewhere. They're very good in Border Patrol.

Comments on the list? All I need to get is Gotrek and Felix, but other than that I can't find any cheap (money wise) Regiment of Reknown, unless I proxy Pirazzo'z Lost Legion at;
10 Crossbowmen, Pirazzo, 33 Pikemen and a Pistol on the Pay Master, at 1 Point over.

And before you say it's rubbish/crap/whatever, I don't care, I just want to have a fun game with my friend, the game isn't a contest for the list that wins the most.

Major Defense
20-04-2005, 19:53
It does have the advantage that you don't have to buy an army book. If your friend will allow you to grither then you can try it out a few times and see how it goes. I'll spare you my comments about weak magic.

Math Mathonwy
21-04-2005, 07:41
And before you say it's rubbish/crap/whatever, I don't care, I just want to have a fun game with my friend, the game isn't a contest for the list that wins the most.
I wonder how I'm supposed to comment on that list without calling it crap... :p

Seriously, I'd consider upping the model count in every pike regiment simply because now the Undead will outnumber you (most likely, that is) and then you'll autobreak. Which isn't nice and can lead to a rather quick game. Those wizards won't get all that much use out of their magic level 2 as the VC will most likely have quite a few mages and dispell your casting attempts rather easily. That frees up 70 points. Also, where does that Paymaster hide from magic missiles? With the Ogres?

23-04-2005, 17:54
While Paymaster is important, he's going to try drawing out Necromancer's, he's going alone. Besides, when I explain how many attacks the Ogres get, my friend will likely fear them and blast them. And he's faced Leopold's Leopard Regiment several times before, he hates them.

And anyway, since 3000 Points is hardly a crusade, me and my friend are going to up the points, with my friend teaming with my Skaven and Orc brother, in a massive 4500 Points game.

I think a few more harasser units, along with several more Fear Units, will help me.

Borgio the Beseiger (he'll be less likely to be targetted in 4500 Points)
250 Points

Dark Emmisary; Mialkinath Thulnithini
265 Points

Paymaster; Richard Von Ferien
Barded Warhorse, Hevay Armour, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, Pistol.
110 Points

Wizard Lord; Marnuezana Luthwai
4 Dispell Scrolls, Level IV, Barded Warhose
331 Points

Wizard; Mefena Guthyan
2 Dispell Scrolls, Level II.
145 Points

20 Alcatani Fellowship (just to add numbers, I don't except much unless they hold against some Black Knights or something)
215 Points

20 Ricco'c Republican Guard
300 Points

20 Leopold's Leopard Regiment
330 Points

Pirazzo's Lost Legion;
7 Crossbowmen, Pirazzo, 24 Pikemen.
377 Points

10 Al Muktar's Desert Dogs (harrasser unit)
297 Points

7 Vespero's Vendetta (another harrasser unit)
145 Points (I could drop these for another Wizard like the second.... which is better?)

10 Marksmen of Miragliano
180 Points

6 Golgfag's Ogres
375 Points

10 Mengil Manhide's Manflayers (third harrasser unit)

18 Bearmen of Urslo
319 Points

5 Birdmen of Catrazza (A fourth harrasser unit)
150 Points

Johann van Hel and Wilhelm Hasburg (The fabled Witch Hunters will be VERY effective! Hatred against Skaven and Undead, the Stake of Sigmar, mwahahaha! The perfect Vampire slaying unit!!!! Holy Staff is good as well, these guys will mince some Undead! And for 350 Points? TASTY!)
350 Points

4502 Points
Models; 165 Points
Power Dice; 12
Dispell Dice; 8 + 6 Scrolls

23-04-2005, 22:58
Dont take birdmen, just, don't
They're too damned crass to think about; have you seen the models!?!?!

24-04-2005, 10:27
Got 6 of them, :P, in fact, I've used them to great effect, just swoop into trees and shoot at small, newly made units, Necromancer's then waste Magic trying to kill them, either that or ignore them, have Marching slowed while being pincushions. There's a reason for most units in that list (Dark Emmisary doesn't have one, I just want to use him for a second time, :P).

24-04-2005, 17:59
against 3000+pts of vampire counts you're going to get owned in the magic phase. You should try getting a cannon or something in their also, they're great for killing zombies, skaven, orcs chariots and pretty much everything else. and try to get more ogres in there.