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26-04-2008, 17:56
I just got my Ork Codex, and had some thoughts. Since I have been playing, the Snakebite Clan was almost feral. Are they still like this? Is it fluffy to even have a Big Mek in a snakebite clan army? The Codex is vague at best...not that I'm complaining, they give better descriptions of the larger clans. I do like the Snakebite's color scheme, and am thinking of playing them in the old style...basically no meks or dreads, etc. Any suggestions or clarification on their background would be wonderful.

Templar Ben
26-04-2008, 18:14
They have meks but the dreads are made of wood. ;)

Perfect Organism
26-04-2008, 18:23
Snakebites have always had less technology than other clans, but that isn't to say they can't have any. All the klans are capable of building high tech items, it's just that Snakebites have fewer meks, so they don't build as many as the others do.

I think it's more important to make sure your models look primitive than to keep your army list free of high tech stuff. If you fielded a Snakebite army with half a dozen trukks, but all of them had bodywork made out of wooden planks and loads of skulls and totems hanging off them, I'd consider it pretty 'fluffy'.

That said, you can make a frighteningly effective ork list using nothing but light infantry and it suits the Snakebite theme perfectly.

Mr Feral
26-04-2008, 18:38
IIRC the Epic Feral Orks list (are similar to Snakbites in terms of technology levels) have their own more primitive version of Meks, called Boilerboyz. You could have all the vehicles steam-powered and made of scraps of other vehicles (like others have suggested), that'd be an interesting project to do. Think of the Epic Junkatrukks and Steam Gargants as examples, and you can't fail (cos Orkses ain't never wrong!).

26-04-2008, 19:07
Thanks for all the input!

26-04-2008, 19:33
Trukks? What kind of self respecting Snake Bite Ork rides a trukk when there's a perfectly good Squiggoth to be found?

They were supposed to be the big squig breeders and tended to use Squiggoths for transport. Trukks and tech stuff is probably going to be pretty limited. They're a great army if you can and want to scratch build Squiggoths or afford the Forge World kits.

26-04-2008, 20:36
I had this same dilemma when making my latest army. The problem I had was trying to make everything fit the theme.
I ended up taking fantasy orc models that came in the plastic set and lopping their arms off and replacing them with sluggas and choppas. The look worked well and I've gotten a lot of praise for it.
I've also bought countless Warboss boxed sets and the new biker boxes and made a unit of cyboars. They look amazing to say the least, but the price to convert them was way too high.
Other than that, I have bought a handful of trucks and chopped the cab off leaving a bare chasis for the boars to pull and made them buggies with Empire Hellblaster rockets as the 2-linked weapon.
I don't think everything has to be feral for you. The Snakes aren't that primitive, they are just scavengers and everything should look very old and rusted. Order some skulls and fashion some hides for your trucks and no decent gent is going to bust your balls for that, at least not on my side of the pond.

Take Care!

26-04-2008, 21:05
Have a look at rhinox's from the ogre fantasy range. They could look pretty spiffy steam punked up to look like rather nasty cyber boars/rhinos. Very expensive but could look oh so mean. Chop off back legs and swap them for wheels, add exhaust pipes, stick on some seats or hand holds and add a battering ram to its head and your set.

Jo Bennett
26-04-2008, 21:43
Snakebites need meks, otherwise who is going to help the bad dok fix the wheels to the back end of the cyboar and make sure the big red button works properly?

27-04-2008, 01:13
...and who's going to get them into space and away through the warp?
Of course snakebites have meks. They are a military organization that invades from space, something a feral ork tribe is not likely to do.
They just prefer things they know will work, like hitting things on the head real hard. So less shootyness. However, having extra runtherds (and runts) probably makes life good for SAG meks, so tons of those are in order. Snakebites certainly wouldn't trust non-ork technology though, so lootas sorta clash with their theme. Battlewagons, being thought of as iron squiggoths are great. Even better, old skool battlewagons like gobsmashas, as they have a sort of low tech, high-damage look to them.

The Phazer
27-04-2008, 16:03
I think it's more important to make sure your models look primitive than to keep your army list free of high tech stuff. If you fielded a Snakebite army with half a dozen trukks, but all of them had bodywork made out of wooden planks and loads of skulls and totems hanging off them, I'd consider it pretty 'fluffy'.

I was thinking about doing a Feral Ork army for a while and never had chance, but the plan was to dismantle most of the front of my trucks and have them be pulled by a few boars/cyboars. Seemed like a Snakebite thing to do.


27-04-2008, 16:11
Instead of trukks, how about varying size of Squiggoth :D

27-04-2008, 16:18
i'd imagin a Snakebite Mek Boy would be kept away from the rest of the Snakebite tribe, as they'd regard him with plenty of fear and suspision, especialy when they are kept awake all night by sparks and bangs comming from the Mek Boy's hut lol

id have no problem with Mek boys in a Snakebite army, they perform a vital cog in any Ork force no matter what Klan.

27-04-2008, 16:18
@:==Me== i was thinking that, a transport squiggoth

27-04-2008, 19:04
Just make the trukks as normal but leave out the engine (more room for da boyz) and have a team of boars or rhinoxx pulling it, with a runt-herder mini whipping them on.

Mr Feral
27-04-2008, 19:17
Squig-powered Trukks! :eyebrows:

Step 1: Remove engine
Step 2: Replace with tethered Squigs
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT!!!

(Sorry, it had to be done! :D)

27-04-2008, 21:58
I do think it is more important to have the army look right, more than the army list.

However, I would have the army led by a Warboss or Weirdboy. What few meks they are would be at the back, tinkering with their creations.