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26-04-2008, 19:40
New Demon Book...

Great Icon of Despair - All enemy units within 12" are -2 to their leadership

Masque of Slaanesh has ability..
The Dance of Dreaming - target enemy unit within 12" reduces their Ld by D3

Slaanesh Spell
Phantasmagoria - All enemy units roll an extra D6 when taking Leadership tests of any kind & disregard the lowest result

So... if these stack the unlucky unit will be -3 to -5 to their Ld, then have to roll 3 dice disregarding the lowest.

Dwarfs could have Ld 4 & have to throw 3 dice. They would fail that test 95% of the time! :evilgrin:

So, do these stack?

26-04-2008, 19:41
Assuming you quoted those rules correctly, yes they do indeed stack.

27-04-2008, 21:20
oooooooo interesting.

You would need to check each indivdual rule and see if it says they stack/are accumulative anywhere. If it does OMG! thats awesome!

I will check a copy of the daemon book tomorrow and post agen then!

27-04-2008, 22:02
Of course they stack. He cited the items/spell effects correctly. They don't need to say "these stack" - to stack - in that case.

All the abilities are independant of each other anyways:

Within 12-inches of the Great Icon of Despair all enemy units have their basic Leadership value reduced by -2.

Okay...let's assume a High Elf White Lion unit of Leadership 8, basic. It's reduced to 6 as a result of that banner.

Next, the Masque comes within 12-inches and activates her special power to reduce the enemy unit's Leadership value by -D3 "until the end of the next player turn".

Okay...let's assume she got a 2 for her D3 roll.

Now reduce the White Lions to Leadership 4.

Now the Keeper of Secrets casts Phantasmagoria (the spell that makes all enemy units roll 3 dice for any Leadership Tests they must make, and discard the lowest roll of the three. This effect lasts "until the start of the caster's next magic phase" !

Thus when the Keeper targets them (after casting Phantasmagoria) with a Slicing Shards of Slaanesh spell which deals D6 STR-5 hits....then the targeted unit must pass a Leadership Test or the effect continues (a further D6 STR-5 hits - repeated until the target passes the Test, or, to quote the book literally, "is cut to bloody shreds" :evilgrin:).

The White Lions (in this example) would have to roll 3D6 and discard the lowest dice. Additionally, they would only pass on a 4 or less, thanks to the Leadership reduction effects in-play against them.

Thus...if they rolled a 1, 3, 2.... oops..discard the 1...= 5, failure...more hits coming in !

4, 3, 5, ....discard the 3 = 9...oops..another failure...MORE hits coming in !

ETC. ETC. - goodbye White Lions ! :D

28-04-2008, 00:29
Alternatively, you can annihilate VC units without resorting to all that modifying Ld shenanigans...