View Full Version : Bit of a conundrum....

Dribble Joy
27-04-2008, 13:03
I'm slowly putting together a Black Orc army (been around fantasy for ages, never played, and I'm a bit green as it were), but not quite sure on how to go about setting up the units.

Originally I was going for two blocks of twenty, but that's putting a lot of my points into two units.

Would it be better to go with three units of fifteen?

Here's the list as it is.

BO Big Boss
Heavy armour, enchanted shield, effigy of mork (would a ward save be better?).

Orc Shaman
Lvl 2, Staff of Baduumm.
Dispel scrolls? I'm a bit iffy about magic atm.

2 x 10 Spider Riders.
Standard, champ, musician.

3 x 15 Black Orcs.
Standard, champ, musician.
One with Gork's Waaagh! Banner (Mork's spirit totem better?).

87 points left for a 1.5k list. Trolls? Or more Blorcs to pad the units?

27-04-2008, 19:01
Back when I played O&G, I used units of 10 BlOrcs w/ GWs to flank, and tied units in the front with gobbos. Depends on what you're facing, but large units of elite infantry are usually just a big point sink when it comes to rank bonuses.

vampires are cool!
27-04-2008, 19:27
As a list i dont think its bad, you may want a ward on your boss and whilst your iffy on magic your opponents wont so take that dispel scroll, but what Sarael says has merrit. Maybe dump some orcs for cheap goblins.