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27-04-2008, 16:13
After my recent loss against the Beastman hordes I decided that it was time to take to the field again. My opponant wasn't fielding his normal O&G but his old army of High Elves. Without the models I borrowed for my last game I could only scrape together 1300 points so we decided to go for that rather than drop down to 1000. So onto the lists.


Captain + Pegasus, full plate, lance, Enchanted Shield and Doomfire Ring
Battle Wizard + extra level and Rod of Power
Battle Wizard + extra level and Dispel Scroll

20 Swordsmen + FC
+ 5 Handgunners
10 Crossbowmen
5 Knights + FC

5 Pistoliers + musician
5 Pistoliers + musician


High Elves. (approximate list)

Commander + Great weapon and Dragon armour
Mage + extra level, Dispel scroll and Power stone

20 Spearmen + FC
12 Archers

8 Silver Helms + FC
5 Shadow Warriors
Chariot (horse)

Repeater Bolt Thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower


There wasn't a lot of terrain on the battlefield. On my side there was a small wood in my right hand deployment zone and a ruined building in the center of my deployment zone. On my left there was a small hill. In the center of the board there was a small ruined church on my left. In his deployment zone there was a single wood on my left and some ruins on my right.


For my Metal Wizard I rolled a 2 and a 3 but decided to switch Commandment of Brass for Rule of Burning Iron. My decision to do this was based on my desire to take down his Silver Helms which I really wanted to do ASAP. My Celestial Wizard rolled a 4 and a 6 but I switched The Comet of Casandora for Portent of Far as I didn't want spells which ran a high risk of not going off. My opponant got Flames of the Phoenix and Courage of Asuran (or something like that) for his single mage.


I won the dice off and forced him to deploy first. Both of our block units, Spearmen and Swordsmen, ended up facing off in the center While to their left the Archers and Crossbowmen also went down opposite one another. To my right the HBVG went down opposite the Silver Helms. Futher right my first unit of Pistoliers and my Captain went down behind the wood while his Shadow Warriors hid in the ruins across from them.

On my left I plced down the cannon with the Knights to their left. Finaly the second unit of Pistoliers hid behind the small hill. Opposite to the cannon my opponant put down his 2 RBT's in the small wood. On the extreme left he put down his Chariot and Great Eagle. I placed my Metal wizard in the Swordman unit and my Celestial wizard with the Crossbowmen while both of his characters went in the Spearman block.

I won the roll to see who went first and decided to take the first turn.

Turn 1 - Empire

My left hand Pistoliers galloped forward along with my Knights. On my right flank the Pistoliers and Captain moved around the wood to see the Shadow Warriors (still out of range though). My center held firm as the Crossbowmen and warmachine crew readied their weapons.

Magic saw me fail to cast Portent of Far. As everything else was out of range I decided to store three of my remaining power dice in the Rod. Fortunantly I didn't lose them and they would provide me with a solid advantage in the next magic phase.

Shooting opened up with the Cannon firing at a RBT. A direct hit saw the High Elf warmachine smashed to pieces. The Crossbowmen also opened up cutting down three Elf archers but the unit easily passed its panic check and held firm. No combat saw me hand over after quite a successful turn.

Turn 1 - High Elf.

My opponant decided that my firepower advantage was going to really hurt him if he didn't do something quickly. His first move was to race his Great eagle forward. It landed behind my Knights and Pistolierswith the intent to go after my Cannon next turn. The Chariot inched foward towards my Knights. In the center both the Spearmen and the Silver Helms marched forward.

The magic phase was a total bust. He tried to cast Flames of the Phoenix onto my Crossbowmen but I easily dispeled it. He then tried Courage of Asuran but miscast (nothing serious happened). I then stored three dice back in the Rod for next turn

His shooting was more effective unfortunatly. After a bit of thinking he decided to shoot his remaining RBT at my Knights. He went for the 6 bolt mode and caused four wounds which I managed to save. His Archers fired at the Crossbow men killing a couple. Finaly he fired at the right hand Pistoliers with his Shadow Warriors and killed two forcing me to take a panic check which I then proceeded to fail and my Pistoliers fled towards my board edge. Again there was no combat so onto turn two.

Turn two - Empire.

Despite my Pistoliers running I felt confident about how things were going. This was reenforced when my Pistoliers rallied at the start of my turn. I had no charges to declare so went onto other moves. My right hand Pistoliers wheeled to see the Eagle. My Knights stayed still while my center did likewise. My Captain flew round the wood to get his Doomfire Ring into range of the Silver Helms.

Magic started off very well. I cast Portent of Far onto my Crossbowmen and managed to get Forked Lightning off on the Silver Helms blasting one from his saddle. I follwed this up with Rule of Buring Iron that killed another one. Finaly I used the Doomfire Ring but he had kept back a single dispel dice and easily countered it.

Shooting was a mixed bag. My cannon targeted the remaining RBT but misfired. Fortunatly it was only a minor issue and it could fire again next turn. My right hand Pistoliers shot at the Eagle and wounded it twice. My Crossbowmen took aim at the Silver Helms and dropped one of them. My handgunner detachment also fired at the Silver Helms but all missed. Finaly my HBVG opened up with a modest 12 shots and easily blew away the one Silver Helm that they could see. Despite all of this punnishment the Silver Helms past their panic check and prepared to charge as I handed over to my opponant.

Turn two - High Elves

My opponant started his turn by announcing a number of charges. The Great Eagle headed for the Cannon crew (who held). His Silver Helms charged the handgunner detachment (who stood and shot but failed to do anything). Finaly the chariot charged my Knights I was confident it was out of range so held (as it turned out it was just in, oh dear). His Spearmen contined to march foward while his Archers and Shadow Warriors held their ground.

Magic saw him cast Flames of the Phoenix with his Power Stone thrown into the mix so I brought out my Dispel scroll as I didn't want my Swordsmen going up in smoke. I did fail to stop Courage of Asuran being cast on the Silver Hlems though.

Shooting saw both his Archers and his RBT open up on the Crossbowmen slaughtering six of them. The Shadow Warriors took pot shots at my recently rallied Pistoliers but did nothing.

Close combat was joined for the first time in the game. I warned my opponant that my cannon crew were nails (see my last game against the Beastmen) he laughed and rolled his attacks killing a single crew member. In return my two remaining crew men flipped out hitting and wounding the Eagle twice, killing it in an orgy of violence. The chariot slammed into the Knight but only did one impact hit whcih failed to wound. The rest of the elf attacks missed or bounced off the Knights armour. In return the knights hacked down the crew, broke the chariot and overran it. In the final combat the Silver Helms easily annihilated the Handgunners but elected to hold (despite being within the charge arc of the Swordsmen.

Turn three - Empire.

I'm feeling fairly confident now and fall into my opponants cunning trap. I declare a charge onto the Silver Helms flank with my Swordsmen expecting an easy win (he holds). I reform my Knights to aim for his unit of Archers. My captain flaps across to get behind the Silver Helms but be able to see the Spearmen flank. My left hand Pistoliers move to get on the other flank of the Spearmen. My remaining Pistoliers move up to see the other flank of the Silver helms.

Magic sees Portent of Far cast onto the left hand Pistoliers. Everything else is countered but the Doomfire Ring which immolates an entire rank of Spearmen (at that point my opponant tells me that the unit ignores panic thanks to his Commander).

Shooting from the Pistoliers cuts down another couple of Spearmen. The cannon misfires again but again it's only a minor problem and the cannon will be able to fire again next turn. The HBVG can't get a clear LOS to the Spearmen (the Silver helms in combat are in the way) so holds fire this turn.

My charge into the Silver Helms sees no damage done by either side. I win be plenty thanks to ranks, flank and outnumbering but my opponant points out that he is Stubborn thanks to his Mage and easily passes his leadership check. I realise this puts me in a horrible position as he can now get me in the flank with his (albeit depleted) Spearman unit.

Turn Three - High Elves

The Spearmen charge into the exposed flank of my Swordsmen. There is no other movement so we move onto the magic phase which is also bypassed thank to his mage being in combat.

His Archers shoot at my left hand Pistolier unit killing a single model. His RBT fires at my Knight but is still unable to take any down. The Shadow Warriors fire at my Captain but they either miss or they don't wound him or his mount.

In combat I take heavy casualties from the charging Spearmen. I need a 4 to hold but don't and a double six on the distance I run sees the unit leave the table. He decides to pursue with his Silver Helms (don't go very far) but his Spearmen hold.

to be continued....


27-04-2008, 16:33
neato so far, although you fell for the pointy-ears ploy :)
Those cannon crew better get some medals soon...

27-04-2008, 16:57
Turn four - Empire

I declare a charge from my Knights into his Archers. He decides to stand and shoot and finaly manages to kill one. The rest of my units move to stay out of the Spearmen and Silver Helms charge arcs.

Magic is now pretty even with the loss of my Metal Wizard (from the Swordsman unit running) and I don't manage to get anything past the Mages magic defences.

Shooting sees my Cannon misfire for a third time. This is slightly more serious and I can't fire for two turns (drat). My left hand Pistoliers shoot at the Spearman unit cutting down a couple. My right hand Pistoliers go one better and blast two Silver Helms cutting the unit down to two models but once again my opponant passes his panic check. Finaly my HBVG opens up with a terrifying roar. I end with with 20 shots which decimates the Spearmen leving just three alive (plus the Commander and Mage).

In combat the High Elf archers strike first against the Knights cutting down two of them before they are completly overrun.

Turn four - High Elves.

My opponant reforms his Silver Helms to charge the HBVG. The Spearmen reform but have pretty much given up on being able to catch my fast units that are now just keeping out of the way.

Magic doesn't see anything of note happening.

The RBT sends a single bolt at my Captain. It hits the Pegasus but amazingly fails to wound. The Shadow Warriors then show the RBT crew how it's done by putting a single wound on the Pegasus.

Turn five - Empire

The Knights move so that they can charge the remaining RBT next turn. Again my stuff all gets out of the way of his Spearmen but the HBVG looks like it toast this turn.

No magic goes off as we're pretty much canceling each other out now.

Shooting sees the HBVG misfire on the second dice but nothing bad happens. The two shots it does fire don't hurt the Silver Helms (oh dear). The remaining shooting sees the remaining Spearmen wiped out and a wound put on the Commander.

Turn Five - High Elves.

The Commander declers a charge on the right hand Pistoliers (flee) and charges the HBVG with the Silver Helms (hold).

No magic gets through my dispel dice.

Shooting sees the failure of the RBT to do anything against its appraoching doom (the Knights). The Shadow Warriors find themselves out of range of everything and settle down to claim a table quarter for the High Elves.

Combat sees the HBVG crew wiped out in short order.

Turn six - Empire

I declare a charge onto the RBT (hold). My Captain charges his Mage. If he flees he can't outdistance my Pegasus so he holds. My fleeing Pistolier unit doesn't rally and ends up in range of ther Shadow Warriors. I then move my remaining Pistolier unit into a table quarter.

Magic results in stalemate again.

Shooting is all out of range or misses.

Combat is as horribly one sided as the Silver Helms/HBVG crew fight and my Knights emerge victorious. The captain easily cuts down the Mage bringing my game to a close.

Turn six - High Elves.

My opponant has a last show of defiance as he targets my fleeing Pistoliers with his Shadow Warriors. Good rolling sees the fleeing horsemen wiped out to a man. Game ends.

Surviving Empire stuff...

Captain + Pegasus
Celestial wizard
2 Crossbowmen
4 Pistoliers
2 Knights

Surviving High Elf stuff...

5 Shadow Warriors
2 Silver Helms

We hold a table quater each. Initial VP shows me as being approximatly 297 VP ahead. My opponant has the Swordman banner which gives him an additional 100 VP. This is still not enough to swing it though.

Result - Marginal Victory to the Empire!


27-04-2008, 17:02
neato so far, although you fell for the pointy-ears ploy

Yeah I was slightly annoyed. I was slightly concerned that he might hold (even though I had forgotten about their Stubborn) so I did try to panic the Spearmen but unfortunatly he had that covered :(. Well played by him though.


27-04-2008, 17:37
How did his Commander make the Spearmen immune to panic? :confused:

27-04-2008, 17:45
How did his Commander make the Spearmen immune to panic?

Don't have a clue. I assumed it was some magic item or special ability that he could take. When I told him he had to take a panic check he just told me that he was immune to panic with that unit because his Commander was in there.


27-04-2008, 19:20
Shenanigans I'm afraid.

27-04-2008, 20:03
May as well do some post game evaluation then I suppose. Overall I think things went pretty well. MOTM has to go to my Knights for their stirling performance on my left flank. They killed the chariot, overran the Archers and delt with the last RBT while taking a couple of rounds of shooting to boot. The only disapointment came from them taking a couple of silly casualties (damn ASF Archers) and being reduced to under half strength.

Magic was a bit hit and miss as usual but I managed to get off a few spells and only one of his got through my defences. Shooting was pretty effective but my cannon let me down a bit after its first turn success. Again my manueverability was a real bonus. After breaking through my center my opponant quickly got bogged down and was unable to bring his Spearman unit to bear on anything while it was pecked to death by my shooting.

Overall I was pleased with how things went. I made a couple of mistakes. One was assuming the chariot was out of charge range of my Knights but a bit of good luck combined with a great armour save ment they ended up easily winning the combat. My other mistake was the whole Silver Helm/Spearmen combo. My main sin there was not remembering that the Silver Helms were Stubborn. If I had I could have dispeled in my magic phase, hit him in the flank, broke him and woiuld hopefully have got well out of the way of the Spearmen. As it was it led to a scrappy end to the game where I was forced to shoot and scoot with my support units.

Still it was a good game. A solid first turn and a couple of good combat results in the second ment I was sitting pretty but once my Swordman unit was gone and the Silver helms were in my lines things looked like they were shifting in favor of my opponant but by moving my Pistoliers to support my center I was quickly able to surround my opponants two main units while my knights hunted down the majority of his missile support.

Overall I was pleased with the result. I've found High Elves quite hard to play against as their BS4 RBT and longbows can quickly take down my support units which makes my job a lot harder.

Shenanigans I'm afraid.

Doesn't matter. I caught him using an extra dispel dice a couple of turns in. He had got it into his head that he got 4 for having 1 level two mage. Maybe he got mixed up with the 'Pure of heart' rule? I don't know but it doesn't matter cos he still lost. If he'd 'bent' the rules and won then I'd be a bit more annoyed.