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27-04-2008, 19:52
I am new to Fantasy but have played 40K on/off for the last ten years or so.

I am branching into Fantasy with a Wood Elv army. I have playeed a few games using high elf as proxy models and have come up with this 1000pt starting army that i'm likely to go buy in the next few days. Any suggestions/moifications would be appreciated. You should also take into account that i will mainly be fighting VCs at first.

Noble - Light Armour, Greatsword, Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrows, Alter Kindred - 156pts
Branchwraith - Cluster of Radiants - 90pts

8 Dryads - 96pts
10 Glade Guard - Musician - 126pts

7 Wardancers - Musician - 133pts
5 Wild Riders - Standard - 148pts

Treeman - 285pts

Total: 1034pts (Need to drop a few points)

I know i'm a bit low on archers, but they don't work as effectively against the undead. All models not having to take panic tests to 25% casualties and most being easily raised when they die. They will be useful for stopping flanking dire wolves which i know my main opponents use.

The treeman is there to take the initial charge with the wardancers and dryads there to back him up with flank and rear charges. I am most worried about grave guard with a beefy vampire in them, hopefully these guys can get them with a multi charge with some to the flanks.

The alter noble is pretty standard from what i've read and is there to provide extra kills in crucial combats.

The wild riders will charge round the flank to try and draw some of there troops away or stop flanking units. Also if the alter noble is near by they could do a lot of damage whn used together.

I am likely to go buy this army within a few days so quick replies would be appreciated.


Lord Malorne
27-04-2008, 19:58
Looks really good, can't see anything you should change. Please keep us posted on how you fare :D.

27-04-2008, 20:37
Drop all the command models and you are down to 1002 points. I can't really recommend anything else, it looks solid.

28-04-2008, 09:08
Good to see that my first attempt hasn't gone drastically wrong.

One thing i am worried about is a lack of dispel dice. Playing undead, i'am worried i will be dominated in the magic phase.

Also, i am questioning the validity of wild riders against undead. As i see it, the main use of these guys is to charge units in the flank or rear, kill enough on the charge to force a panic test, with fear they automatically break allowing me to run them down easily, this doesn't work against undead, how useful will they be? Also, do wild riders only get one attack each, that seems a bit low to me. Howerver, i think i need something fats in my army, Would 3 Warhawks be better? Giving me speed and the ability to hit and run flanking dire wolves?