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15-10-2005, 23:11
I recently bought bunch of the old RAFM gears off ebay and so I just wanted to ask warseer's Heavy Gear players (at least I hope there are some ;) ) whether it's feasible to form two decent forces with what I have:

* 1x Iguana
* 5x Assault Hunter
* 1x Cheetah
* 1x Grizzly
* 1x Assault Grizzly
* 2x Night Hunter
* 1x Strike Cheetah
* 1x Spitting Cobra
* 1x Support Cobra
* 1x Hunter Commando
* 4x Hunter
* 5x Blitz Jaeger
* 4x Long Fang Black Mamba
* 4x Jaeger
* 5x Black Mamba
* 5x Jaguar
* 5x Strike Jaguar

He Who Laughs
17-10-2005, 00:04
Though not a player myself, I thought the models looked pretty cool (if a little pricey, even by GW standards) when I saw them a few years back. I'm a big fan of the PC games - is the miniature game good?

23-10-2005, 10:46
Never played the game but I have a bunch of them myself. All the older ones. There are two scales: the old scale is larger than the current scale. I liked the the older ones myself because they're larger....

I do wish I could find a source for the old Jovian Chronicles figures. Those are also done in a larger scale than the current ones. If anyone knows where I could find some, I'd really appreciate the info.


03-08-2006, 22:32
That's quite a nice haul you got there. If you were to put all that on the table at once, it would be quite a force indeed. But, with about 20 some models a side, you've got a rather large force. Get them all arranged up into squads of 5, and have a go. Also, looks like someone had a hard-on for Snub Cannons... a great weapon, though quite limited. If you can find yourself some of the weapons packs, you might want to pick them up, do a little converting.

Inquisitor Skyshadow
06-08-2006, 07:28
youve got a pretty nice mix of both Northern and Southern Gears there. Like Kotobuki said, try some small squad games first. ill have to check my army book but looks like youve got atlest 1 standard southern combat group in there, thats 4 jaegers and 1 blitz jaeger or Iguana as an option. i forget the web address but somewere on the net an online ebook store was offering the HG main rulebook for free though i lost the address.

06-08-2006, 12:11
That free book was a limited time offer. It's gone now.