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28-04-2008, 09:48
I haven't done this for a while. Come to think of if, I haven't had much chance to play for a while. Anyways, here it is. Another go at Stunties.
I'm a little concerned about the huge point sink between the Lord, Hammerers, and Ironbreakers.
Anyone have any idea about what I should change?

Dwarf Lord - 288 pt
Shieldbearers, Shield
MroSwiftness, 2 RoCleaving

BSB - 135 pts

Runesmith - 131 pts
GW, Shield

20 Warriors - 195 pts
Standard, Musican

20 Warriors - 195 pts
Standard, Musican

10 Quarrellers - 120 pts

16 Hammerers - 258 pts
Shield, FC

20 Ironbreakers - 315 pts

Bolt Thrower - 115 pts
MroImmolation, RoPenetrating

Cannon - 125 pts

Organ Gun - 120 pts

Total 1997 pts
89 stunties, 3 warmachines

Grom Wronghand
28-04-2008, 14:48
I'd keep the hammerers and ironbreakers if you're worried about them, they're worth the points cost. However, I'd steer clear of that dwarf lord. Its commonly agreed that Dwarf Lords, that while powerful, are too expensive and easily avoided in 2k armies. Replace him with a thane with a great weapon and some minimal runes and you've got points enough spare there for a fair sized unit of quarrelers or thunderers which will kill more than that lord will. I personally don't like BSBs in 2k either but that's up to you.

28-04-2008, 17:59
The MRo Challenge makes the lord a lot harder to avoid. He is a bit too expensive for my tastes though.

I would only take 1 unit of elite infantry. Exactly what depends on who you are likely to face but I would lean towards the ironbreakers.

28-04-2008, 18:36
Yeah, I've been told Lords are way too expensive many times. But hammerers usually end up getting killed before they can lite a single hammer when they get charged. Hence the ASF Lord.
I haven't really found any other way to keep the hammerers alive.
That's the only reason I have a lord at the moment, and also he can carry enough magic items to have ASF GW and MroChallenge.
I suppose it has lot to do with my friend taking an Ogre tyrant too. I always worry about dealing with him...

And as for BSB. I usually don't bother either. But I just thought, why not. I fiddle around with it, and see if I want to drop that. But the model looks *******' sweet though.

I could drop a the BSB, and rune or two from the lord, to have enough points for a unit of Thunderer though.

Grom Wronghand
28-04-2008, 18:52
True, he is harder to avoid, but as I said, he is a points sink and you could get a runed up thane with a unit of 10 quarrelers, which is more than worth it over a lord IMO.

Dead Man Walking
29-04-2008, 02:04
I stopped taking lords when I realised that a 301 point lord could be a 2nd unit of hammerers. (Try and avoid 2 units of hammerers!)

Thane with rune of 1+ armor, MR of challenge and great weapon is all you need. Hammerers with rune of courage and determination (I also like to add rune of warding to the character) will make sure no matter what thunder you bring down they will hold the line.

Winning with dwarves is not about a single unit beating another in hand to hand. Its about weakening the enemy with some missile fire before they slam into hand to hand and then holding the line. Once the line holds (my runed hammerers will always 100% hold the line.) then you ram the flanks with another unit, be it thunderers, hammerers, warriors or what ever. You remove ranks from your opponent and beat them with mass+flank+3 ranks+ banner + occaisional wounds.

You should always use hand weapon and shield even with hammerers as stubborn only works so long as you have hammerers to be stubborn. The only thing I would conscider using great weapons on is charging a stegadon. WS 5 str 4 is good enough to fight chaos warriors, your going to need the 3+ save more than the str 6 great weapon.