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16-10-2005, 02:00
Wardancer Lord, Blades of Loec, Amaranthyne Brooch (3+ ward vs. Nonmagical attacks), Annoyance of Netlings (Opponents hit on 6's in challenges) - (290)
Alter Kindred Hero, Hail of Doom Arrow, Helm of the Hunt, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield - (158)
Spellsinger, L2, Dispel Scroll, Calaingor's Stave - (175)
Spellsinger, L2, Dispel Scroll, Lamenations(bound spell, PL3, one use only, one model anywhere on the battlefield suffers D3 wounds with no save) - (175)

5 Glade Riders, Musician (129)
5 Glade Riders, Musician (129)
9 Dryads, Branchwraith (120)
9 Dryads, Branchwraith (120)

7 Wardancers, Musician (133)
7 Wardancers, Musician (133)
5 Wild Riders, Musician (130)
3 Warhawks (120)

Treeman (285)
6 Waywatchers (144)

No archers. I do like them, but I find they add somewhat of a static element to my army, and actually give my opponent somewhere to direct his forces. I like the confusion caused by not having any good targets for him to aim at.

There's a lot of hunter/distraction troops (waywatchers, hawks, Alter Noble, Glade Riders if needed) and still a very solid close combat core with lots of Dryads and Wardancers, the Treeman, and of course the Wardancer Lord. Glade Riders and Wild riders provide rank negating support where needed.

Magic... The lamenations of Despairs. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, but it serves one of two very important purposes:

1) It draws a dispel scroll. Garaunteed. If I'm having trouble forcing my opponent to burn his dispel scrolls, and it's looking like my other magic will me important (think turn thrree and he's still got scrolls left) I can eat up his dispel dice, then toss this out targetting a vulnerable, expensive character or wizard... ideally the one still carrying dispel scroll(s). It WILL burn a scroll :) It's a flat 2/3 change of killing off an unwounded mage, not many people will be happy with that risk. Hell, I wouldn't be happy with a 1/3 on a much more expensive 3 wound lord :)

2) My opponent uses up all his scrolls, and has a pesky mage or wounded fighter kicking around that I've got some problem with midgame; or on the last turn to score a bunch of VP's as a suprise.

16-10-2005, 02:34
You didn't mention that the Lamentation only works if the model fails a Ld test. That drastically reduces its effectiveness. I hate those one-use-only items that only work on failing a Ld test or a T test, etc. There's a Lizardman item that's similar. Way too random.
But then again if it works those D3 wounds are great. I'm conflicted. Your opponent is still fairly likely to use a Scroll even if you're targeting an expensive but high Ld character, simply because even a small chance of getting the D3 is scary. I might take it but only in a magic-heavy army.

Regardless, nice list.
I don't have any experience with Wardancer Lords, but obviously this setup would do insane amounts of damage if you got a few good charges off.

I agree that these no-archer all mobile unit armies are great. I miss the shots, but it's a lot of fun having such flexibility. Not only do you have a great advantage in the movement phase, but this inherently adds variety to your games, since you're not confined to the same deployment or strategy every time. What with potentially moving woods halfway across the board in a single phase (which I've done with fewer dice than this) and being able to combine any 2 of your units to good effect, you don't know what to expect from this army next.

The biggest weakness of this army is the inability of your 4 main skirmishing units to flee. They sometimes have no choice but to take charges from the more mobile enemy units like cavalry and chariots.
Luckily, your Lord can capably take on just about any charger, primarily for one reason--the Annoyance of Netlings (and against non-characters the 3+ Ward Save and the Dances will usually be more than sufficient protection). And even without ranks these units can actually reliably hold against a surprising range of troops. My Dryads regularly shrug off chariot and cavalry charges.
But still, this is probably the biggest challenge with this army's strategy, though that is a reflection of this playing style in general and not this particular list. I think you'll really need to rely on outmaneuvering the enemy and joint-charging, even more than is typical with Wood Elves.
That makes it a bit more difficult, but also more fun!

P.S. You mean "Branch Nymphs" not "Branchwraiths" with those Dryad units.

16-10-2005, 03:54
*nods* woops, my bad :) heh usually, I just say "champions" regardless, but I was thinking of Branchwraiths already, so they got stuck there :) I'll fix that.

Wardancers, I've discovered, can actually do reasonably well vs. lighter chariots - their 4+ ward and possibly regeneration as well assuming you get the spell, then get it off. Heavier chariots you can still take the charge, but it's really difficult to wound them back without getting something else in there.

Yes, lamenations has the leadership check... but without fail, people scroll it if they have no dice left. They just won't risk it. That scroll used is important :) Still, I'm mostly playing with Lamenations right now, may end up swappign it out for a power stone (effectively the same thing in the end) or a third dispel scroll for a more ironclad magic defence.... Or, maybe a heartstone... or back to the sphere... or... bah, anything works, really.

Yeah, the inability to flee is a PITA, but it's not significantly affected me yet. My wardancers have taken chariot charges, and that was only due to poor overrun/pursuit moves. It's not too hard to keep them from being charged with the superkilly characters running about, glade riders threatening flanks and rears - most units turn to face the rank-breakers... removing the option of charging my skirmishers. Even if they do... Both units can be reasonably solid, with the Lord nearby they test on Ld10 (less CR, obviously) - I'll sacrifice Dryads for a ranked infantry unit hopefully with standard for extra VP's.

People learn the dryads are tougher than they look, and aren't worth many VP's, so they often leave them be. The wardancers are damned hard to hurt if they want it that way, so it's often difficult to break them on the charge too.

Works out pretty well :)