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28-04-2008, 18:12
I have the rulebook and a few supplement rulebooks. My roommate and I have been trying to learn how to play using our warhammer elfs and orcs as stand'ins. Anyway, we both want to start getting actual lotr models. But before we start buying them, we want to understand how allies work so we dont buy models we dont need.

1. Is there a point requirement/restriction for allies or is the only requirement that you have a hero of the faction?

2. Can heros use heroic actions to issue commands ('with me' and 'fire' for example) onto warriors of another faction?

Pitalla Crimson
29-04-2008, 01:53
well you need one hero minimum per faction for example, lets say you got a Gondor armie and wantto add some riders of rohan to it.
You take a hero from gondor in order to comand your gondorians and a rohan captain to comand your rohirrim.

The heroic actions are as normal, gondor captain for example can make heroic moves and affect rohan models.

30-04-2008, 07:43
To the correct answers from Pitalla I'll only add that some heroes can't use their stand fast on everyone - and this is always explained in their entry. For example Gwaihir's stand fast can only affect other eagles.

However the norm is that anyone in your army within range can use it.