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28-04-2008, 23:39
What do you all think of these lists? I would probably collect models to be able to field both eventually, but seeing as I have limited painting time and money, which list do you think would be better/more fun to play with initially. Keep in mind that I don't have the book yet so the total points of the list are probably wrong, but this is just to get a general idea and to make sure I don't buy anything I will regret. I normally play in my local GW, and they don't look kindly on proxying so it is normally difficult to try out units before I get them.
Both Lists are aimed at 2250

List 1

Blood Thirster
(probably with strength 10 gift and reroll failed hits, plus whatever armour I can get with leftover points).

Nurgle Herald BSB
Level 1
Standard of Sundering
Gifts to make enemy strike last and to negate enemies bonuses for charging in the flank and rear

18 or so plaguebearers
full command
If I have the points, the banner that doubles CR from poison wounds

12 bloodletters with champ

12 bloodletters with champ

5 furies

5 flesh hounds

5 flesh hounds

3 bloodcrushers

5/6 flamers with pyrocasters

This seems like it would be fun to play and play against. My only worry is that it only has 3 dd, is this a big problem? One of the BL units could be exchanged for a unit of 10 horrors to add another dd.

List 2 - Magic Heavy (Most of this list is taken from Big Al's list on the Daemic Forum)

Great Unclean One
Level 4
Lots of upgrades (don't know all the points of these yet, but by looking at other people's lists he will probably be about 665 points).

Tzeentch Herald
Power Vortex

Nurgle Herald
same upgrades as the one from the 1st list


18 plaguebearers
full command
Icon that doubles CR for poison wounds

36-40 horrors
3D6 strength 3 magic missile banner

12 bloodletters

either 4 screamers or 4 flamers, maybe beasts of nurgle to support GUO (which do you think?)

Looks like it could also be fun, especially as I enjoy my magic phases. My only worry is that there are very few big units who can handle combat, although it is very good at points denial.

Thanks for your help and time for reading this!

Dead Man Walking
29-04-2008, 02:27
I am very leery of Greater demons, espeacially the unclean one. The bloodthirster moves much faster and deals out a lot of damage so he would be able to get his points back much easier but its also a huge points sink.

When it comes to Chaos I follow the concept of, "I already have quality, now I need quantity." While the plaguebearers have enough guys to fulfill thier duty your units of 12 are going to have a hard time if they end up on the bad side of a charge (which you can not flee from!) and go poof.

I tend to cover the magic/dispel end of the game to a decent level and then go into troops. At 12 points a guy I try to shoot for 15-20 guys in a unit.

Also as far as proxy games go you can ask around gaming shops (Not GW shop) and comic book shops if there are any local gaming groups that your not aware of, you could get your proxys in and possibly make new friends. You can also Google your city and warhammer clubs and see what you get. Larger cities tend to have 3+ gaming groups.

ALso the 30+ horrors is an utter waste, your spending way more points than an actual level 4 mage would cost. They suck at fighting as well. I would not go over 20 of them and just use the spell casting ability as a bonus.