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16-10-2005, 09:37
For quite a while now Ive been messing around with the idea of putting together a beastmaster army for dark elves as well as changing my lizardmen army list to include some big griblys like stegodins and carnosaus.
Now I think Ive come up with some lists that will be fun to use and hopefully not too silly to play with/against, what I thought would be a good idea now is to see if anyone else uses these kinds of armys and if so what tactics they go for when playing.

At the momment my thoughts are to try and maximse cover uses the first 3 turns or so to out position the enemy then try to manoever for combined flank and rear charges, picking off one or 2 untis at at time hoping powerfull charges will break the enemy units so i dont get stuck in any long drawn out combats.

What are other peoples thoughts on the subject, has anyone had any sucsesses playing these armys?

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17-10-2005, 06:10
2 manticors if possable, if not hydra and manticore, hydras aarent that great... unless they can be beefed up with special breeds. A death mask noble on dark pegasus. CHEAP nobles in dark rider units. units of 20 elf to provide ranks, spearmen units of 20 are only like200 points.

17-10-2005, 08:52
Hello, i´m iñaki from spain so sorry for my bad english. I think that elves must be fast. Very fast. The Hydra isn´t a very good idea because of her size. It´s difficult to hide her. I prefer a lot flying creatures which causes terror. You can deploy they behind a forest, or a hill. Then in first turn you can fly 20 inches (50cms.) and finish behind other forest or wall or hill. In the third turn you can be where you want, causing terror to the units which you want fleeing. In the fourth turn you can charge from forward and to the backward of the enemy army. (Flying creatures from behind and the rest to the front.)
I prefer to have manticores behind the enemy and a lot of chariots (really a lot not two or three). I hate elve infantry. It is too weak, very expensive and not so fast as chariots or cavalry. Its armour is not good and all of them have resistance 3. They aren´t the best at shooting so they probably have to go to melee. Skaven, empire, dwarves, hight elves, wood elves, orcs all of them shoot better so you only have one option: Melee, and you have very good chariots. If you are lucky and have "intelligent lizards"...

17-10-2005, 08:56
I have a very good army for High elves. 3 mages, 2 units of 5 helms, 6 chariots of tiranoc and two eagles. With the eagles you can put at the front of an enemy unit in diagonally. The enemy must show the side of her units charging the eagle or don´t move. If they don´t charge you, you charge them with chariots. If they charge your eagle yo can stay, die and then charge them by the side of their units.

17-10-2005, 12:11
the army I'm planning on is:
highborn on dragon (or high sorceress on manticore)
beastmaster on manticore
3x 5 dark riders with rxb
2 chariots with spears
5 cold one knights with full comand and war banner (may swap out for extra chariots and or harpies)
2x hydras (or 1 hydra and one spell thirster)

This army is extremely beast heavy, the tactics will involve lots of hidding and maneauvering in early turns then combined flank/rear charges in the later turns

18-10-2005, 00:19
Ah, the old Karond-Kar list. Lots of fun. Don't take the spell-thirster though take a royal or even better a verteran hydra. Much more destruction! BTW, i'd take a seal of Ghrond.

18-10-2005, 13:24
seal of ghrond as standard on the beast master mate ;)
I see what you mean about the hydras, but in my more magicy list varrient (the one with high sorceress as opposed to dragon ridding highborn) it just seems to fit more