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29-04-2008, 06:37

If the tyranids are all controlled by one consciousness, (the hive mind.) then it shouldn't be possible for individual tyranids to develop personalities. Does this mean that tyranids like Old One Eye and the Red Terror are just tyranids that have evolved mutations unseen on other tyranid organisms? Also why would different hive fleets develop different colours? Also why would tyranids wish to keep expanding by consuming worlds? Most animals wish to keep their species alive by reproducing, but by creating more animals than a planet can substain will force the hivefleet to find more worlds to consume, which would lead to even more organisms, eventualy the species will die out due to having no more nutrients to consume, (but then every other race would be dead too.) Why don't tyranids just sit back and sustain itself on worlds they have conquered? They don't really need to go out and eat everyone because their species is already thriving.

battle captain corpus
29-04-2008, 12:29
I would suggest flicking through the codex...it will answer most of these points to be honest.
Tyranids are locusts basically, they just thrive on being alive and killing. Thats about it. They evolve solely to kill and eat faster. :)

29-04-2008, 13:18
I'll try to comment on each point you raise...

The Tyranid special characters in the 3rd ed. Codex was just another example of the very poor writing skills of one Andy Chambers. Special characters make no sense for the Tyranids. For 4th ed. GW decided to make the best of it and say that The Red Terror and Old One Eye were "experimental mutations". One shot creatures that a Hive Fleet would spawn, then if the mutation was successful, the Hive Fleets would reabsorb the creature and use it's adaptations on a wider scale. That's why all Carnifexes can now have Crushing Claws and Regenerate. Old One Eye's genetics are now being "mass produced".

A Hive Fleet (well, Splinter Fleets) would develop it's own colors, characteristics etc. as a direct response to the unique resistances it encounters. For example, developing a mostly black coloration when attacking a world with little to no daylight.

Tyranids keep consuming planets because they have evolved to the point where that is what is required to keep the Hive Fleets going. Nothing short of an entire world's biomass is enough to sustain them. They have evolved over millions if not billions of years to be the ultimate predator, and they have become so prolific and successful that now entire planets are their prey. It may make more "evolutionary sense" for the Tyranids to evolve so they don't strip world's bare, but farm them for a long period of time, but that would be totally reversing millions of years of evolution. Besides, what they do works for them. Look at Army Ants. For a colony to sustain itself, it sends millions of workers and soliders out into the jungle to kill and bring back whatever animals they come across. That's a lot of energy and (ant) lives expended. It may be better for them if they became more like Leaf- Cutter ants who farm their food, but why? The Army Ants evolved over millions of years doing what they do, and it works for them.

Besides, if Tyranids became an unstoppable race of extra-galactic farmers...they just wouldn't be as scary. ;)

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