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29-04-2008, 17:24
Righty, I have come forth from the verdant gardens of 40K to try this Fantasy business. Having decided I'm sick of my fragile Eldar I opted for an army that could soak up punishment as well as deal it out. While a load of tough chaos knights might do that from 1+ armour, I feel that such precision plate mail is too costly for my nation. Thus I have taken the humane route and employ ablative troopers to absorb damage the old fashioned way without straining my coffers.

Thus the list below, based primarily on some but not everyone dying. Looking at Empire and Warhammer in general vs 40k, combat resolution seems to be it's all about (You mean I lost... but dealt more wounds... noooooo!!). and CC troops seem a bit better than in 40k.

Thus here goes nothing, I have possibly failed at this quite hard:

General, Plate, Mount, Barding, Great Weapon, Speculum - 149

Yes he is pretty crap but I figured he'll be striking last most of the time anyway so why bother with anything other than a great weapon. The speculum is for fighting challenges and inflicting his mediocrity on others, he will hang with the swordsmen who have two detatchments (see below) in leadership range of (hopefully) all three big units. His job mainly is to run down fleeing enemies, hence mount instead of AoMI.

Wizard, Rod of power - 95

He is here purely to dispel and maybe bump up the leadership of one of the units if it strays from the general. I don't know how magic works and frankly couldn't care less. However I'm informed that it's not like 40k, where you can take or leave psychics, and that you do need to have something there. Ideally he will use the rod of power and chuck everything into dispel, would have dispel scroll too if not for his gear limit.

3x Swordsman x 30, Banner, Musician - 600

The bulk of the army because I fail to see the point in a 6+ save.
Seriously these are the main van whose job is to march up and die for their country. Given their speed I suspect they will be on the receiving end of any charges. No characters as 10pts for an extra attack seems lame, plus he can't then be challenged.

4x 12 Free company - 240

These fellows are there to detatchment/guard the flanks of the units (the one with the general will have two and the other two one each) and rip off any rank bonus their enemies might have. With their number of attacks they may do damege too, or with their wonderful lack of armour may simply die in droves.

Knights w/musician - 123
Pistoliers - 97

Nothing fancy, there to back up the units who don't have the general (taking the place of the second free company unit) and give them a 3d6 rundown range against cowardly custards.

Cannon x2 - 200

There to deal with anything over T6 and that is about it. Will then quite possibly explode and die. Ideally they will line up to deter flank charges on the main units however I'm quite aware of how vulnerable they are so might change them out for something else.

So, thoughts? Suggestions?

Hope there is nothing too stupidly underpowered in here, figured I'd find out before spending 200 on minis!


01-05-2008, 22:24
So, nothin?

Wow must be perfect! :D


01-05-2008, 22:43
Yeah it's solid.

You may not be allowed to field a Lord at less than 2000 points, depending on where you're at. The book will only let you field a General at 2k for instance.

A Captain will work just as well.

The point of the 10-point sacrificial "champ" is so that your own Wizard doesn't get challenged.

A Wizard with the Rod of Power should provide you with enough dispelling abilities.

It is fairly solid. You're lacking some some shooting units... but other than that.

02-05-2008, 16:39
This is pretty good. You definately need to convert the general to a captain for a legal list, and you may want to consider a shield+lance instead of a great weapon. If you really don't want to mess with magic, you might want to go two scrolls instead of the rod on the wizard, but that's a personal thing. Your free company units are a little big and will probably be unwieldy; 3x3 is usually the best way to run them. Between downgrading the general and reducing the size of the free company, you could grab a BSB or a couple of shooting detachments.