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29-04-2008, 19:30
So heres my first go at Fantasy. I came from 40k, and hanging out at the local Bunker got me interested in Vampire Counts, cause some of the models are AMAZING looking, and i've wanted to get into Fantasy for a while. Read through the BRB and the VC Army book and some of the VS tactica, so here's what i've come up with so far:

Vampire Lord (445)
Skull Staff, Helm of Command, Dark Acolyte, Master of the Black Arts, Summon Ghouls

Necromancer (190)
Book of Arkhan, Corpse Cart, Unholy Lodestone

Wight King (120)
Skeletal Steed, Sword of Kings

Vampire (200)
Dread Knight, Ghoulkin, Battle Standard Bearer, Banner of the Dead Legion

Crypt Ghouls x15 (120)
2x Crypt Ghouls x16 (256)
Corpse Cart w/ Unholy Lodestone (100)

Black Knights x5 (180)
Barding, Full Command

Blood Knights x10 (635)
Full Command, Royal Standard of Strigoi

Wight King will join Black Knights, Vampire will Join Blood Knights, Necromancer on Corpse Cart will join unit of Ghouls, other Cart will join Ghouls.

Not sure what to do with the Vamp Lord to protect him yet. The only option left is a mount, since i spent all his other points on gear and Vampire Powers. Maybe just stick him in the Ghoul unit in the back and use them as a meatshield? I'm coming from Independant-Character land in 40k so i dont really know how to protect my Lords and heroes aside from throwing them in a unit to give them ablative wounds.

Overall im thinking that the Ghouls will try to quickly move up using Ghoulkin and Vanhels Danse Macabre to get to charge while the Lord beefs them up, then Blood and Black Knights will charge into flanks and smash units.

An alternative i had considered was dropping the Wight King, Giving the Banner of the Dead Legion to the Black Knights, and giving the Vampire BSB the Drakenhof Banner so he Black Knights would be "20 strong" in CC, and the Blood Knights would all be 2+ Regen. Thoughts?

29-04-2008, 19:37
erm i think ur lord needs to be harder but i love the 10 blood knights and every thing else seems cool

29-04-2008, 19:37
10 blood knights!!! Good god!!!

29-04-2008, 19:39
sounds an interesting list..

if you donty know what to do with the lord, give him the talisman of lynci, if you can then put him in a nice big unit of ghouls. if you need him to charge out to assist say black knights then the lord can assist. what about dropping some of the blood knights for a varghulf.

think of the varghulf as a landspeeder but jumps into combat and has regen....so nice!! and look good too.

let me know what you think

29-04-2008, 21:18
erm i think ur lord needs to be harder but i love the 10 blood knights and every thing else seems cool

i agree... i just dont know HOW to make him harder. ive used up all of his magic item points allowance and vampire powers points allowance, so the only options left are one of the mount options. I can give him either a Nightmare or a Hellsteed (the other options are just too pricey). That only gets him a 6+ Armor save though, so it doesnt seem like the best use of the points.

Would it be protective enough to throw him in a small unit of Ghouls and hide him behind the rest of the army??

29-04-2008, 21:23
Would it be protective enough to throw him in a small unit of Ghouls and hide him behind the rest of the army??

For the most part yes. That is how I protect my caster Lord for the most part.

29-04-2008, 23:33
split the blood knights into two sets of 5. I see no good reason to have about 300 points of frenzied 2A knights that give you +1 combat resolution for a rank bonus. You could have double the attacks and cause double the problem for the enemy. And they can still be raised just as easily. Good luck baiting 2 units of them lol.

In my opinion blood knights dont need a command, or a banner, save yourself the points.

Give your wight king the hand of dust, with such a small unit of black knights, the chance to remove a rank (or even 2) from the enemy BEFORE combat is a huge bonus. Also, i always (always) give knights the banner of the undying legion, it is simply far too good for its points.

Remember it not only gives you the outnumber, but takes it away from the enemy, so your average ranked unit combatgoes from:

3ranks+std+outnumber (5 combat res) vs standard (1 CR)


3 ranks+std (4CR) vs std+outnumber (2)

So instead of needing 5 kills to win, you only need 3, something people often forget.

30-04-2008, 03:08
as a question, do you think it is necessary to take Dispel Scrolls in Vampire Counts? Many of the lists i see dont bother taking any. Is that because usually there are enough Vampires generating dispel dice otherwise??