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16-10-2005, 13:15
Hi all,

After being away from the forums for a bit and returning to see the all eclipsing threads of wood elf army lists going to conflict etc I thought I better get some advice to help build an army that can cope with this new threat.

Now for the twist, I too collect wood elves! Dun Dun Dun!

The theme of my army is that they have left the forest to search for the lost kindred so armywise that means no spirits, only elves. Since they are searching and always on the move the army will have a lot of glade riders, waywatchers (one unit since its only 1500pts) and scouts, hero wise I'm stumped. I've only started recently and own box of GR and GG so for hero's I though a waywatching hero (keep with theme) and a spell singer with scrolls prob. Also if points allow a unit of dancers to amuse the travellers.

So i'm looking for help as to what is balanced and can hold it's own against other wood elf armies especially their spirits.

Thanks for any and all help and I hope this is in the right place.

Peace out

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17-10-2005, 05:04
2 decent sized units of GG of you intend to take no spirits, although it cope as you say I would reccomend both driads and treekin.

plus if you dont want a caddy then take a branchvwrath and take the sprite that gives you plis one DD.

Eternal gaurd with noble(NOT ENERNAL GAURD STYLE) are your friend, enhance with items as you see fit (18 (6x3) or 20) as if accompanied by noble they are stubron.

waywatchers... i dunnknow if yuor going to i would take another unit or 2 of 8 scouting GG and a scouting noble set un to charicter snipe. for a combat boost inste of eternal gaurd noble take a wardancer one with 7 other dances and the teleporting tree sphere, fits in with the scouting theme some more.

You could take just treekin(best unit ever, such a good tarpit for an elf army) 2 regular and scouting GG and. one or both of aboved mentioned units.

GG shooting rules the trick is to luer the oponent into charging something else that is worth slightly less points.