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29-04-2008, 22:11
Ok Now I know a couple of these threads have been going around so I do appoligise for my lack of imagination however as I rarely see many beastmen armys I think would be useful for all those people hiding away to come out and show of what they've got.

How do many of you play your armys? The mob effect;lots and lots of beast heards? The monster-esque army, lots of minotaurs etc? Or more of an all- round army?

Write up yours lists and im sure there must be some people who play beastmen on here.


The Red Scourge
30-04-2008, 04:56
1 Shaggoth of Slaanesh
w. Great weapon and light armor 346

Bray Shaman of Death
Lvl 2, Braystaff, Spell familiar, Power Stone 156

Bray Shaman of Death
Lvl 2, Braystaff, Power Familiar 166

Bray Shaman of Death
Lvl 2, Braystaff, Dispel Scroll, Power Stone 166

Command 834

Beast Herd 10 Gor 7 Ungor
Full Command 133

Beast Herd 10 Gor 7 Ungor
Full Command 133

Bestigor Herd of Slaanesh 20 Bestigor
Full Command, Rapturous standard 340

2x5 Chaos Warhound 60

4 Slaanesh Minotaurs
w. Great weapons 184

4 Dragon Ogres
w. Great Weapons and light armor 316

Rank & File 1166

Total 2000

Power Dice / Dispel Dice 9 / 6

Originally I wanted to go with Shadow Magic, but I find that its a bit too much to handle for a Lvl 2 caster, so I went with Death to boost up the fear and terror abilities of the army and Wind of Death is a fantastic little spell.

A Shaggoth general so the critters wouldn't run (and the added bonus, that I wouldn't be tempted to sink too many points into him.

02-05-2008, 02:58
ick that shaggoth.
str 7... asf....

*shoot it.. shoot it NOW!