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29-04-2008, 22:52
This is my attempt at a balanced 1500 point list for the Empire. I didn't want to rely overmuch on gunpowder, just 3 units of it, and I seem to be lacking in magic which I will work on for a 2K list.

Yes, it's only 3 Infantry Blocks not the 4 I was thinking about. Found it hard to cram in the supporting elements with 4 blocks.


I know Mounted + Great Weapon is only +1 Strength but these guys aren't part of Knight units. It's S5 attacks on mounted horseback, that's good enough for rank and file.

Warrior Priest 137 points
- Great Weapon, Heavy Armour
- Barded Warhorse
- Icon of Magnus

Captain of the Empire - BSB - 118 points
- Great Weapon, Heavy Armour
- Barded Warhorse
- War Banner


The core fighters. A solid Swordsmen and Halberdier block takes the middle, flanked by the Greatswords and one of the Nillas. The FC detachments are due to their 3x3 configuration, might as well get 6 attacks on the counter/support charge. They'll be screened by Archers.

25 Halberdiers 230 points
- Full Company
- 9 Free Company detachment
- 5 Archer detachment

25 Swordsmen (BSB) 260 points
- Full Company
- 9 Free Company detachment
- 5 Archer detachment

5 Knightly Order
- Nilla

5 Knightly Order
- Nilla


This Greatsword block will have the other Nilla assigned to it as its detachment. I need to find points to give these guys one. The Pistoliers and Great Cannon are almost par for the course.

15 Greatswords (WP) 180 points
- Full Command

5 Pistoliers - 97 points
- Musician

Great Cannon


I like things that go boom. It'll help against hordes since I will be facing Greenskins, VC, and Skaven.

Helstorm Rocket Battery

I could drop the Helstorm for better detachments all around. And probably a better Magical Banner.

This is the preliminary draft, any suggestions guys?

30-04-2008, 19:08
I'd take the handweapon and shield over the greatweapon. Lets face it, you only get 2 attacks so you aren't a combat monster. I'd rather had the 1+ save than the 3+ to keep him alive.

Free company are horrible as flanking detachments. They are skirmishig so they don't begate ranks. Halberdiers are the best combat detachments IMO.

30-04-2008, 19:32
Free company are not skirmishers.
Anyway, I would take a shield for your Priest and the stat swap magic item, that way he has more protection and can kill other characters. Other than that I like it.

01-05-2008, 04:14
I could take the VHS for the Warrior Priest, however I really want to make my Greatswords ignore Fear (I'd be 5 points over if I go with the VHS too) and be Stubborn. And maybe if the Magic-phase is kind, Unbreakable...

And yes, Free Company aren't skirmishers. I guess I could make the Warrior Priest more protective, however he will still be fighting, so huzza to the GS champ then.

I'd add more Halberdiers but I wanted some variety.