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30-04-2008, 04:32
I played a game the other day, and My unit of seaguard which at the time were 11 wide, and in a single rank, charged some skinks, and overran into an exsisting combat. In the following combat, I won, and they passed their Leadership. But only 4 of my spearmen were in contact with the Enemy. Since the other 7 of my Seagurd were not engaged, would they be able to Use the Free Manoeuver to form up into a second Rank so that they could participate with their spears in the following round of combat?

30-04-2008, 04:41
No, because the only two manoeuvres are "turn" and "increase frontage".

Sadly, neither manouvre allows models to be removed from the frontage.

30-04-2008, 04:51
I was kinda afraid it seemed to be leaning that way. Would have been better if they had ruled so that instead of increasing frontage, you could only increase the number of models in combat.

30-04-2008, 08:40
They have changed/removed the Lapping Round-rule, as it was too complicated, and made up this rule.

While it works in most circumstances, it is hardly ideal for units which are deployed wide, like archers.
But removing models from the front rank to bring more models in combat, ie a position so they can attack, isn't the only rule which comes into play. A unit would also gain a rank bonus.

It may seem odd that models outside the fighting area, ie those in b-to-b contact, can not participate or contribute in the combat in any way, but it may be the best way to keep the game playable with the rule as it is.