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30-04-2008, 06:18
Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this. I have re-worked my Tomb Kings, here is the list, have fun tearing it apart but remember to say "why". ;)

Characters: 815!?! (ouch...)

Tomb King - 314
Flail of Skulls, Chariot of Fire, Collar
Chariot, Light Armor, Shield

Liche Priest (Heiro.) - 160
Cloak of Dunes, Heiratic Jar

Liche Priest - 168
Staff of Ravening

Liche Priest - 173
2x Scroll

Core Units: 720pts

15 Skellies with bows - 120

15 Skellies with bows - 120

3 Chariots - 120

3 Chariots - 120

3 Chariots - 120

3 Chariots - 120

Special Units: 375pts

5x Carrion - 120

Scorpion - 85

Scorpion - 85

Scorpion - 85

Rare Units: 90pts

SSC - 90

Its 2000 points on the mark. I don't like having so many points in characters, what are your opinions of the magic items, should I switch some around? Maybe drop something on the TK to take the Icon of Rulership?

Some may whine about seeing 3 scorpions but at least I'm only packing one catapult. :p

The army has a decent bit of shooting with 42 bows (12 from the chariots which will probably only fire once or twice), the catapult plus the Staff of Ravening.

I figure the Liches on horseback should be okay since they won't stand out amongst the chariots.

Should the heirophant be okay with just the cloak?

30-04-2008, 20:03
Looks pretty good. The only thing I would change is make that unit of archers one huge one. This will make them harder to wipe out, make your incantations on them more effective, and you'll get more shots when you stand and shoot.

It might seem unweildy at first, but I think that if you put them as your center with the other units flanking (scorpians digging) you'll find that it works fairly well.

30-04-2008, 22:03
Tomb Kings can't stand and shoot, unfortunately, but I agree with Malorian anyway. Thirty skeletons, even without armour and shields, will survive just about anything for long enough to get your chariots into contact.

Keep in mind that your priests won't be able to join any units except for the archers and catapult, so you're going to have to be very careful with your movement.

The only suggestion I'd make is to try and find the points to upgrade the King's Collar into the Ankhra (although you might have to take a lesser weapon to make room in his allowance). You don't want to be wasting precious magic on healing chariots unnecessarily. Consider dropping one of the scrolls (or a couple of skeletons from the merged, large unit) to make the points. Alternately, put the Banner of the Undying Legion on the King's chariot unit. The Banner and Collar are a great team, and you can keep the FoS.

The reason you might be able to get away with dropping a scroll is that you've got such a fast list (and so many scorpions and carrion and so on) that enemy mages should be pretty much silenced by turn two or three. Ideally.

Don't worry about the number of points you've put into characters. Tomb Kings are generally pretty top-heavy.