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16-10-2005, 18:11
Hey dear warseer members!:)

So, I have decided to continue with WFB once again. I want to play either High Elves or Wood Elves, but dunno which one to choose...

So, I've toyed with a couple of lists and created 1 list of each which I am happy with. (I have though gotten comments from other forums on how to improve the lists). Please give me any suggestions you can about the lists and tell me which one you like the best:) (Regarding theme, style of play, looks, table performance... you name it!)

So, the Wood Elves go First:


Alter Highborn @ 261pts
-The Spirit Sword, Helm of the Hunt, light armour, shield.

Spellsinger @ 155pts
-level 2, Hail of Doom Arrow

Spellsinger @ 175pts
-level 2, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll

Branchwraith @ 165pts
-level 1, Blight of Terrors


10 Glade Guard @ 120pts

10 Glade Guard @ 120pts

8 Dryads @ 96pts

8 Dryads @ 96pts


20 Eternal Guard @ 264pts
-Standard, champion

4 Treekin @ 260pts

3 Warhawk Rider @ 120pts


7 Waywatchers @ 168pts

TOTAL: 2000
POWER DICE: 7 (0 bound spells)
DISPELL DICE: 5 (2 scrolls)

And now the High Elves:


Elf Prince @ 221pts
-Bow of the Seafarer, Armour of Stars, Pure of Heart, Great Weapon

Mage @ 180pts
-level 2, Channeler, Seer, Silver Wand

Mage @ 180pts
-level 2, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Fury


10 Archers @ 120pts

18 Spearelves @ 216pts
-Standard, Musician'

18 Spearelves @ 216pts
-Standard, Musician


18 Swordmasters @ 252pts
-Standard, Musician

6 Shadow Warriors @ 90pts


18 White Lions @ 305pts
-Standard, Musician, Banner of Sorcery

2 Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 200pts

TOTAL: 2000
POWER DICE: 6 +d3 (1 bound spells)
DISPELL DICE: 4 (1 scrolls)

17-08-2006, 04:19
As a high elf player I have some feedback on the high elf list

The large blocks of SMs and WLs should be toned down. They are quite expensive, and you could afford at least one unit of flanking silver helms if you droped say 6 models from each unit. Now you have the two main blocks of spearmen, and those two elite units as support. You also have an additional flanking unit to threaten other enemy units, and it can also dish out some pain.

17-08-2006, 08:33
A quick note on the WE:

That highborn is going ot have trouble come 7th when he can be picked out by shooting! a 5+ armor save and no ward save means your going to have to be VERY careful using it.

Also, HoDA on a mage isn't that great of an idea - they have BS 4, and will likely be at long range when firing.

Your composition could be a bit better too - a treeman will work better with eternal guard than treekin, and the eternal guard aren't that appealing without a noble or highborn in them. Maybe trade the branch wraith for a BSB, or drop the eternal guard and go for a more non-engagement force?