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Hive Mind 33
01-05-2008, 06:21
20 Halberdiers-120
->5 Handgunners-40

20 Swordsmen-140
->5 Handgunners-40

20 Halberdiers-120
->5 Handgunners-40

15-knights with steel standard-385



Great Cannon-100

Great Cannon-100
Flagellant Warband-100

Helblaster volley gun-110
Battle Wizard-130
-lore of metal, wizards staff, van horstmans speculum

Battle Wizard-125
-lore of Death,wizards staff, dispel scroll

General of the Empire-145
Armour of Meteoric Iron, Sword of Fate, warhorse

01-05-2008, 07:43
I think Swordsmen are considered the best of the Empire core infantry units so maybe replace 1 of those squads of Halberdiers with Swordsmen.

These units should have full command so a Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer.

All your shooting is in the form of Handguns, Crossbows are actually very good aswell. I like a 60/40 split.

15 Knights in 1 squad is a bad idea. Split them into 2 units of 7 and 8. Or 3 units of 5. They might need a Standard or Musician depending on how you want to play them. Joining a character to a unit of about 6-7 with a Warbanner can be very good.

5 Greatswords? Interesting but you might want a few more just so that th
ey aren't missiles or magically killed off before acting as a speed bump.

You have Flagellants too? Might be better of taking Flagellants or Greatswords and making 1 large tarpit(I personally like Flag's but it depends who you are fighting)

Your Wizards can choose what lore to use before each and every game, I don't think you have to right it down in your army list. Only 1 of each magic item can be used in an army with the exception of Dispel Scrolls/Powerstones and some other race specific items.

I would give each mage a Dispel Scroll and a Power Stone. Cheap and useful.

Generally(haha) the General of the Empire is considered pretty weak. The Master is a better fighter and has the same Ld. I don't really like the Sword of Fate. Try the Sword of Power/Dawn Armour and Sigil of Sigmar for a very useful and pretty cheap Lord.

Or take an Arch Lector, by himself not very powerful but join him to a unit of Knights and they all get re-rolls to hit in the 1st round of combats. Also adds more magic to your list. (Needs Dawn Armour/Barded Steed/Shield/Maybe a Ward save)

The Farmer
01-05-2008, 08:24
The sword of fate is situational if its on a guy whos not on a pegasus and the enemy will avoid putting the fated character in combat with your general as you declare who the sword of fate is targetting and since hes your only combat hero.

Infantry blocks should be 25 at 2000pts giving you a buffer of 5 guys before you lose that precious rank bonus. Unless they're sacrificial they should have full command and if you can squeeze it combat detachments, who are incredibly useful as redirectors, counter chargers and sacrificial guys.

Use all your hero slots, I have not seen a single empire army without using all their hero slots, they're so valuable. May I suggest a BSB if you're going to keep the infantry.

With the wizards R.O.P is incredibly useful as you can either go on the offensive or defensive. Keep your cannons you'll need them.

At max knights should be fielded in 2 ranks with a war banner for a hammer unit, otherwise its a huge point sink and with your unit size it takes one death to invalidate the rank bonus. Most generals field knights in units of 5 with muso to support charge and redirect.

In regards to the greatswordsmen 5 is much too small, they become useful at around 18 models. The flaggelants should either be fielded as a shock unit which will kill alot on the charge (small) or a large tarpit unit though they suffered a toughness nerf.