View Full Version : high/dark elf based army

01-05-2008, 17:38
i have just started playing WOW........ AGAIN........ life gone again........ im thinking of making a blood elves army using some dark angel models as captains and princes but mostly high elf models....

now im not sure on how to do it but im basing my hero on a paladin all you WOWers and diablo'ers will know what im talking about im thinking of making my prince very defensive but with a little bit of magic and lore of beasts and cast strength of bear on himself,,, things i want to know is what would be the best way to go about this doesnt have to be lore of beasts ill just give him a weapon,,,, should i mount him on a horse or have him on foot if on foot will join a unit of swordmasters/ maybe executioners counted as swordmasters and if on horse in a unit of converted knights if with a weapon i want a 2 handed sword witch will be converted to look large and scary....

this isnt a competative army its more of a show off how much i play wow army. haha.
for all u non mmorpg players paladin is a warrior that has slight magical abilities to buff him self and or others.....
any advice on how i would go about making this army would be great. im aiming on working on my prince first and then the rest of the army so if you can help with both or either it would be great.


02-05-2008, 09:19
i was thinking of something like.....
prince, dragon armor, great weapon, gem of hoeth, silver wand, and a wardsave think this could work