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16-10-2005, 22:01
Calaingor's Stave - it states that u may cast treesing spell more then once. q. is how much times i may cast it with a lvl2 mage ?
a) 2
b) as many time as i have dices to cast it?
i mean normally mages cast 1-2-3-4 spells and not more then he have them.. but Stave as i understand allow cast more times ?

16-10-2005, 22:22
You can normally cast each spell once per mage. Without having the WE book, and going by what you have said, I would say that possessing that item simply removes that restriction for Tree Singing on that particular mage. So, he would be able to cast it as many times as he wants, provided you have dice for it.

Again though, I don't have the book, so thats just a guess.

16-10-2005, 22:37
Cast as many times as you have power dice for. The only normal limit to how many spells a mage can cast is simply that he can only cast a given spell once.

16-10-2005, 22:43
(= nice to hear that.. becouse all other stuf WE mages can take realy boring me

16-10-2005, 22:58
Yeah, the sphere has it's place, but isn't something you'd take all the time. The heartstone can be useful, but it's just one use only - may as well just take a dispel scroll instead. The Stave is the only thing I take all the time.

17-10-2005, 00:55
Well the Wych Elm (dispel reroll wand) is very good too, but only for spellweavers.
Sphere and Calaingor are almost a must on 2 spellsingers. Provided you have the terrain.

Would I rate the items: I would prefer first the Wych Elm, then Calaingor and lastly Deepwood Sphere.

17-10-2005, 02:55
Meh? Wych Elm is 55 pts, so combinations with it are very difficult. What do you take with it?

Calaingor's just as good on a L2 as a L4, so it's no biggie to take it on a little mage.

17-10-2005, 06:51
Why do you need another item with it? A dispel scroll sometimes, at other times I prefer HodA if I go slightly magic heavy with no noble in the list.

The Wych Elm is definetely the best weapon against the enemy's magic. You can cut down scrolls from 3-4 to 1. Thus if you use two spellsingers they may take Calaingor's and Sphere.