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02-05-2008, 15:58
Vampire Lord @ 450 Pts - Level 3, Dreadlance, crown of the damned, dread knight, ghoulkin, redfury - joins a ghoul unit 1

Vampire @ 195 Pts - sword of might, book of arkan, Dark acolyte, summon ghouls - joins ghoul unit 2

Vampire @ 195 Pts - Flayed hauberk, Scroll, Dark acolyte, Summon ghouls - joins ghoul unit 3

17 Crypt Ghouls @ 144 Pts - champion
17 Crypt Ghouls @ 144 Pts - champion
17 Crypt Ghouls @ 144 Pts - champion
6 Dire Wolves @ 48 Pts
6 Dire Wolves @ 48 Pts
5 Dire Wolves @ 40 Pts
5 Fell Bats @ 100 Pts
5 Black Knights @ 140 Pts - barding
Varghulf @ 175 Pts
Varghulf @ 175 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 1998

Basic idea is to get there fast hit really hard and use my magic (9pd) to keep my troops alive while doing so. after turn 1 the whole army should of moved 16 inches. allowing all my units to be able to march again next turn. The vampire lord is a moving can opener. The ghouls im gonna run 6 wide for extra attacks. The only issue im having is that it may not be enough magic to keep the ghouls alive and well, but i hope the toughness 4 will help keep them comin at my enemy. Also plan is to use combo charges to really rack up the CR against my enemy MSU style.

- any thoughts?

02-05-2008, 16:24
I do something similar, and unless the dice gods curse me I tend to win more often than not. Gunlines don't stand much chance against ghoulkin. Watch out for genuine MSUs though. I've never played them, but I can see a heavy MSU Dark Rider army with just a block or 2 of ranked infantry giving me an absolute fit. I run 2x KOBK instead of the 2 varghulfs and the black knights, for just this reason (KOBK smash anything they charge).

Andrew Luke
02-05-2008, 16:30
Is this for tourneys? I feel like you'd do better replacing a Varghulf with more black nights, mainly for comp reasons... Also, a BSB on one of your Vamps could help A LOT.

EDIT: forgot to mention that I think it is a very cool idea for a themed VC army! :-D Have you considered having one of the Vamps summon Beasts so you can really up the size of the fast units?

02-05-2008, 16:38
the only issue is that 2 units of blood knights cost 440 pts while my 2 vargulfs are costing 350 :( and yes they are alot strong and the charge thats for sure, but a bit more fragile. Id like to throw throw them in but theres a few things stopping me:

1 - points im not sure where i would free the needed 90+ points to get the units. i could field 1 unit of 5 or 6, and use the extra points to pick up some more fellbats?
2- i was kinda going for a strigoi themed army although im sure i could convert the blood knights to look more ghoulish without much trouble.

and as for the black knights they do make great flankers, but i feel they do not hit as hard as the vargulfs, which is a minor concern for me. with only wpn skill 3 thet are only gettin about 3 hits on the charge, plus they dont have the vampire rule to continue allowing my dire wolves to march.

Andrew Luke
02-05-2008, 20:27
Hmm one way to shuffle it:

Drop Varghulf. Painful, I know, but a higher comp score can be worth as much as an average win :-D

Move one of your strigois out of the ghould and run him with some of your speedy stuff so they can march. You should make him a BSB and let him summon beasts. He could then quickly turn your units into big blocks... A great feigned threat, if you will, opponent sees varghulf and knights bearing down on his left, isn't too bothered by a little vamp BSB and some wolves and bats on his right. He maneuvers to compensate, then in a flury of casting you add ranks to your wolves and slam into his side with +3 combat res from the BSB...