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02-05-2008, 20:51
hi everybody i have been playing wood elves for a while now and i thought i would post my list to see what you guys (or girls) thought. so here it goes

2k actually 2001 but meh

highborn, light armour,,amaranthine brooch,helm of the hunt,spear of twilight,enchanted sheild and mounted on a forest dragon

noble, battle standard bearer, hail of doom arrow
spellsinger, level two wizard, moonstone of the hidden ways
spellsinger, level two wizard, power stone, calaingors staive

10 glade guard
5 glade guard scouts with standard and banner of zenith
8 dryads
21 eternal guard (7*3) full command, war banner

7 wardancers bladesinger
5 wild riders, standard and musician

great eagle

so 6 pd and 4 dd covers all coners and is a pretty interesting list. so who else plays for fun ? and what do you take ? any ideas on how i could improve?

thanks xx

Da Black Gobbo
02-05-2008, 21:40
At 2k you don't have many guys 56+Dragon and highborn, you are relying to much on it and if he is killed you are screwed, anyways if the army suits you go ahead and tell us how it was.

03-05-2008, 18:29
As DBG pointed out, you don't have much of an army there.

One slight problem with your BSB is that, even though he has a magical arrow, he doesn't have a bow to shoot it with. Sure you can buy him a magical bow and use the HoDA but I wouldn't. Given your army build I think the BSB may be a bit of a waste anyway (most of your army won't be near enough to use his re-roll).

For fewer points you could change the BSB to a wardancer noble with the moonstone. Swap one mage for a branchwraith with cluster and give the other caster a dispel scroll and maybe calaingor's. This would give you a much more effective magical defense.

03-05-2008, 23:21
To me it seems your army is confused, one part wants to be offensive with the dragon but another wants to be defensive with the EG. I would choose one and stick with it. If you want to go with offensive then drop the EG and get a branchie lvl 1 CoR with a caddie for the 2 SS you have. The gear on the HB is also strange get him StoCM for a ward save for the dragon, you cant have enchanted shield and HotH, just give him HotH, then give him a magic spear or HoDA and a normal spear. I would drop the scouts no matter what and then with the points you saved get some more units GR are nice, some more WR, WD, or Dryads also could help. Also due to the speed your army maybe drop the GG and get 2 units of GR and another hammer. Then you have 10 shots still but they are mobile shots.

If you want to go defensive then drop the dragon lord and you have a couple of options here. You could have a HB to lead the EG (what I reccomend) with Amber pendant, oaken armour, and a GW. Decent fighter and some protection. Then give the BSB StoCM and sword of might. Now you added some high strength attacks to the unit. I would also suggest making them either 20 or 25. Magic wise I would do what I suggested above as you lack a bound spell to make the Tree singing phase effective. Then I would drop the scouts for either WW, more GG, GR, or even another hammer unit.

03-05-2008, 23:26
i think you might have too many hero's.

does the Dragon take up a hero slot?

04-05-2008, 03:47
Lol, I guess I overlooked the completely obvious. Gimp is spot on that you're over your character limit.

04-05-2008, 09:57
i played yesterday with a minor victory however yes you are right the highborn cannot have 2 peics of magical amrour and the dragon does tae up anothe hero slot, somthing i completley overlooked.

thnks for your input guys and i feel as though my army is split into twobut im unsure as to which idea to go for the offensive of the defensive. i will make up some new lists for each and play them both and see how they go.


what do you guys play offensive/defensive and how does this fair against different opponents

04-05-2008, 12:34
WE really need to play offensive to be succesful, IMO, the only exception is using EG because they are the best anvil in our army. The advantage to playing defensive play style is one if it suits your play style and that EG are our only viable unit that can generate CR. So by placing them in the list you get a solid anvil, 5-6 CR that is there when ever (assuming you dont get flanked or rear charged). But by placing them in your list you must build your list around them and play a hammer and anvil style. So its not hard in WE because we have so many good hammers.

Offensive lists are what most lists in the WE army are (the last one is bow line but that can either be considered offensive or defensive depending on the kind). Im sure I dont have to explain why as you said youve played a couple of games before so you know why WE must play in the offensive mind set most of the time.

As for your question I like to play offensive because I don't like EG, as I said above there are advantages and disadvantages to each but the main thing to think about is what fits your play style. Did you like the EG and how they played, then keep them and change your list around to help them. Or did you like the dragon and what he brought to your army, or did you feel he costs too much for what he does, then switch your lord choice and maybe the army too. All in all its about fun too, we are using plastic minatures.......

Bumble the Great
13-05-2008, 10:15
Warhawk is right use what lured you in to the army in the first place!
I personally dont like EG because I feel that they are at odds with the rest of the WE army. I enjoy outmanovering my opponent and choosing when to fight so small units of dryads, war dancers, scouts and glade riders suit my needs. Also if you are attracted to big scary forest monsters then try a tree man and see how that suits ya!

13-05-2008, 19:56
You have to take Asendi's Bane to use the HoDA on a BSB as he looses his mundane bow.

Why not just take the sisters? they are quite good.

Take a musician over a champion ALWAYS, in the Wardancer unit especially. what's one more attack vs a possible not loosing to combat.

Bumble the Great
14-05-2008, 09:48
Take a musician over a champion ALWAYS, in the Wardancer unit especially. what's one more attack vs a possible not loosing to combat.

I have never even considered this have you had a lot of success with just the musician also what unit size do you take your wardancers in. I have 2 units of six with champions and a wardancer Noble in one of them