View Full Version : 500 points Goblins Porder Patrol Army list

04-05-2008, 08:33
Okay this is my summer project im gonna get 2k goblin horde. But the list now:

Night Goblin Big boss on squig 80pts
Best basha & e shield 30pts
LA 2pts

2 x 6 Wolf Riders 72 /1 = 144pts
Spears 6 /6 12 /12
=77pts /1 =154pts

20Night Goblins 60pts
Shields 0pts
2 Fanatic 50pts
Nets 35pts
Musician 4pts
Sb 8pts
Boss 8pts

2 x Spear Chukka

Is this good? N gob block is going to enemy block front and wolfs both flank. And chukkas are shooting harder things down.