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04-05-2008, 12:47
So what do you guys give you Skinks? Blowpipes or javelins and shields.

Both have their pros and cons to be honest so I want your guys opions.

04-05-2008, 13:05
blowpipes for me.

- look better
- easier to paint / convert
- fit in with the ' jungle ' theme
- like the rules more

04-05-2008, 13:18

I like the blowpipes because of the high rate of fire, and the Javellins because of the Thrown Weapon rule.

04-05-2008, 13:30
does anyone know if lizardmen are getting a new update soon? btw:confused:

04-05-2008, 14:00
does anyone know if lizardmen are getting a new update soon? btw:confused:

Not really part of the topic but I dont think its even in the works at the moment. Next is Demons then Dark Elves and after that it might be Skaven but who knows.

Blowpipes get the extra shots which is great from a poisoned aspect but sometimes your BS is so bad you only hit on 7+ howe however Javelins have a shorter range.

This is how I see it. For your scouting skinks go Javelins as you already close the range wont matter, you want to be moving so the Thrown Weapon rule works well here and seeing that Javelins have 8 range and you want to march block they seem to go hand in hand. For yout non-scouting skinks blowpipes seem to be better. longer range and two shots can dish out some pain.

04-05-2008, 18:50
I would go with Javelin Skinks for sheer damage on average because of the fact that they can move and fire unhindered. As a personal preference, I use Skinks w/ Javelins mainly also because they have shields, which makes them slightly better as a screen. (I play a Host of Quetzl, and the thought of Skinks w/ 5+ saves is hillarious.)

04-05-2008, 18:52
Blowpipes...unless: you have the spawning of quetzl or they are primarily a shielding unit.

06-05-2008, 20:09
blow pipes u get more for your monye

06-05-2008, 20:14
Blowpipes...unless: you have the spawning of quetzl or they are primarily a shielding unit.

This gives them a 4+ save in CC and can be very handy at point, but if your just a normal lizardmen the blowpipe can and dish out some pain.

Nurgling Chieftain
06-05-2008, 20:51
The javelins are usually +2 to hit compared to the blowpipes. That's a hard difference to make up with two shots. And, you might get a save!

Cheer Up Mike
06-05-2008, 21:56
Because of the shorter range on the javelins, you need to make sure you havent been stupid with the skinks and left them in a vunerable place to get charged, however these are skirmishers and this is just common sense. You have the most flexible units around, dont leave them in stupid places!
Blowpipes themselves are totally awesome too, the extra shot is great to have, but because they lack the "thrown weapon" rule it means that all you'll be getting is the poison hits.
Mix up your units a little and try them both out. Dont be so quick to dismiss javelins, can out due blowpipes if you're lucky

07-05-2008, 01:40
I use both. My scouting skinks take blowpipes, and my skinks shielding my kroxigors have javelins. Reasons are as follows:

You don't want your blowpipe skinks moving that much. They are -1 to multishot, if they move that is another -1, and if they are over 6" away that is another -1. Now you don't even get your poison. When you scout them (hopefully into a forest or water) you can leave them there and use them more like a defensive gun emplacement.

The jav skinks I use for shielding are going to be running forward in front of my Kroxigors. The shield gives them a slightly better survival rate than blowpipe skinks. And since they will always be moving, you may as well take the thrown weapon because of the BS modifiers listed above.

07-05-2008, 09:06
I don't have lizards, but I voted blowpipes since I think those are the scariest, and that's probably what you want to find out with the poll...

My regular opponent has two similar sized units, one with javelins, one with blowpipes, and the latter seems to do most damage in most of the cases.

It's true that javelins have a bigger chance of hitting, but since I play O&G I have lots of high T, low AS units (Especially giant) and its the poison on the double shots of the blowpipe that I fear most.
It does depend a bit on the army you are facing.

08-05-2008, 21:39
And what do you think about the shortbows?

I vote for those Southern skinks with shortbow!:D

08-05-2008, 21:47
I voted for the javs.

If you are just looking for poison then blowpipes can be good, but it's hard to get that extra shot and still need a 6. Your usually at long range, and if you move at all then all of a sudden you can only shoot once anyway if you want to poison. Although I have to admit they are great for large targets.

Personally though I like my scouting skinks to march block and take out warmachines. So I move out of the woods and then charge next turn since shooting at a warmachine just isn't 'sure' enough for me. That 5+ save in combat can mean the world. They can even take out other shooty units (not dwarfs...).