View Full Version : Pirazo's lost legion

Mike KK
04-05-2008, 14:05
ok thinking of doing dogs of war...

basically the question is if i buy enough crossbowmen with pirazo's legion to go ten wide, then reform to 5wide to take a charge where do the 5 extra crossbowmen go and do then have pikes or do the take away some pike attacks

04-05-2008, 14:29
If you buy 10 crossbows, your unit must always be 10 wide.

Mike KK
04-05-2008, 15:04
aye?? so your telling me i can't reform

04-05-2008, 15:16
Exactly .

Warboss Antoni
04-05-2008, 17:27
What? I'm pretty sure a 10 wide unit can reform to 5, dogs of wars aren't specail in that aspect, I think.

I would say the crossbow men go in a second rank behind the first and get to use their pikes.

04-05-2008, 17:29
I believe that Atrahasis is correct on this, the crossbowman in the Lost Legion have to make up the front rank with pikemen behind.


05-05-2008, 01:11
That's an interesting question for sure... I'm not sure what to think. The wording is a bit ambiguous, but I agree with Atrahasis too. I would guess that when you buy additional crossbowmen, you're basically dictating how wide your formation will be. And since it states that ALL crossbowmen must be in the front, then I would say you can't reform your formation at all to have crossbowmen in the second, third, etc. rank.

06-05-2008, 01:04
so if you add a character to them do they automatically become 6 wide?

06-05-2008, 01:17
so if you add a character to them do they automatically become 6 wide?

hmmm... Well the RoR states the crossbowmen can only be in the front rank. If the unit had no movement left to add another file, I supose the character or pirazo would have to go to the second rank.