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04-05-2008, 14:29
Hey all
I have not played since 5th edition and i am now trying to make an allcomers list for my dwarfs. So here are my two suggestions for a nice balances 2250 points list. One is a little more shooty than the other:

List 1:
General: Thane, shield. (with longbeards)
RoStone, RoResistance, RoSnorri, RoCleaving 142pts

BSB: (with Ironbreakers)
MroFear, RoGuarding 195pts

Runesmith: (with warriors)
GW, RoStone, 2xRoSpellbreaking 129pts

Thane: (with Ironbreakers)
GW, RoStone, MRoChallenge 99pts

2x10 Thunderers w. shield 300pts

19xwarriors, hw sh FC 196pts

10xwarriors, GW, standard 110pts

19xLongbeards, FC, RoCourage, RoDetermination 303pts

18xIronbreakers, FC, RoBattle, RoStoicism 327pts

Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoPenetration, MRoImmolation 115pts
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoPenetration 85pts

Cannon, RoForging 125pts

Organ Gun 120pts

Total 2246

List 2:
General: Thane, GW (with Ironbreakers)
MRoGromril, RoResistance, MRoChallenge 144pts

BSB: Thane (with Longbeards)
RoStone, MRoSwiftness, RoFury, RoCleaving 165pts

Runesmith, GW (with Warriors1)
RoStone, 2xRoSpellbreaking 129pts

Thane, GW (with Warriors2)
RoStone, RoResistance 99pts

19xwarriors hw, sh, FC 196pts

19xwarriors hw, sh, FC 196pts

10xthunderers w.sh 150pts

19xlongbeards, RoCourage, RoDetermination 303pts

19xironbreakers, RoBattle, RoStoicism 327pts

15xSlayers, FC, 4x Giantslayers 243pts

Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoPenetration, RoBurning 90pts
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoPenetration 85pts

Organ Gun 120pts

Total: 2247

I have many concerns with both lists... Many things can be tweaked here and there. The reason there are no Hammerers is simply because i don't have any of the models (but if i did, i would probably bring them in units of 10 as flankers).
If someone could tell me if some of this would/would not work, it would be much appreciated.
Can't wait to play again!!

EDIT: I didn't use armybuilder, so if you see any mistakes that is the reason (i am not able to think myself)