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04-05-2008, 21:55
now then dudes..

ive tweeked and played about and tried to come up with another vamp list. please have a perusal and let me know your feelings o it.

lord, red fury, forbidden lore, lord of the dead, lv 3, flayed hauberk, hand of dust, talisman of protection.

vamp dark acolyte, lord of dead, tomb blade, cardaverous cuirass

vamp avatar of death, lord of dead, book of arkhan

20 zombies 80
20 zombies 80
10 skellies, standard 88 banner of the dead legion

3 x corpse carts with balefire

15 grave guard with full command war banner
15 grave guard with full command


total 1993

lord will sit in GG with war banner, vamp with tomb blade will sit in the skelly unit. My aim is try and raise the skelly unit up asap in the first turn or so and have 2 of the carts behind the bulk of the army and one sit behind the 2 zombie units. varghulf will be used as a quick unit to take out out artillery and go mage hunting.

was thinking of shifting stuff about to get another varghulf in there for a gruesome 2 some.

im trying to keep it themed around middeheim for painting and stuff...

but let me know what you think.:p

04-05-2008, 22:17
you have 3 characters with lord of dead, but ony 1 skelie unit...

that unit is going to get very big, very quickly....

a second Vargulf would be very usefull, means if the first one goes down you still have something fast!

04-05-2008, 22:19
thats the whole point, get the skellies nice and big then get the zombies up as well.

for the second varghulf i will need to drop the musicans from guard, the 2 magic banners and corpse cart, poss 2 guard models.

what do you think....

04-05-2008, 22:27
deff. drop 1 corpse cart...

i would be tempted to drop red fury from your lord, and the magic standard from the skelies...

withoout some magical help red fury is alot of point for not much gain!

05-05-2008, 20:25
it does stillwork coz still having 4 attacks and being able to possibly cause more wounds.

but hay thats me...ive used it numerous times without magic help and i find it working great..

07-05-2008, 18:42
It looks kind of weird to me, you're lords focus is magic but than you got red fury for combat wich seems to me a bit of waste because it works just half as good as it should

07-05-2008, 19:08
why ive done this is for a reason. from forbidden lore i can take lore of beasts and that will enable me to have 7 str 7 attacks and then from red fury can redo the wounds i cause... it is a combat junky but to start with it can assist from a range and then get into combat and unleash..

i feel it is in theme of a complete insane killing machine..