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05-05-2008, 00:47
Vampire, forbidden lore (law of fire), lord of the dead, flayed hauberk, power stone. (general)

Vampire, forbidden lore (law of light), summon creatures of the night, black periapt, nighshroud, sword of striking.

21 skeletons with full command, spears, warbanner.

20 skeletons with full command, banner of the dead legion.

3 bat swarm bases

3 fell bats


The idea of this army is to take advantage of the choice of spell gifted by forbidden lore. Either they focus on raising models or dealing damage. Both vampires can easily cast magic missiles or a combat orientated spell (dazzling brighness could be pretty funny) the bats and swarms will be raised bigger (being infantry makes them quite evil) and then sent to harrass.

Any comments welcome? I worry that I don't have enough anti-magic. I'm tempted by a dispel scroll but this is what I'd like to field.

05-05-2008, 08:29
i like the way youve kitted out yur vamps, very magic strong, ermmm, personnaly i would remove all bats, there pointless and there are other units that are better. with the points from them buy a unit of 10 crypt gouls ( optional ghast ) then with the remainder either some dire wolves .

if your worried about not having enough magic then drop the armour on one of your vamps and get a dispell scroll or drop the bats and get a necromancer with 2 scrolls.

05-05-2008, 08:34
you only have 4 power die basic.. thats not that much... most people at 1k will have 3DD or more, your magic will have a tough time getting through!

05-05-2008, 08:40
Id have to agree with athmas, differant it may be, but i dont see it working.

And take the lore of beasts, not fire, 3 (or maybe 4?) of its spells are 7+ or less to cast, casting 2d6S4 on an 8+ is not easy with a level one mage, but 2d6S3 at 7+ will work far more often. Also, bears anger for 6 S7 attacks and T5 is unbelievably good.

05-05-2008, 10:02
yeah, drop the armour on the characters and choose something cheaper ( cavanderous cuirass is pretty ok for 15 points ) then stock up on dispell scrolls. when its comes to powers i would choose the one in which you can generate extra 2 power dice per turn, and then the other vamp having the lore of beasts, or usual vamp lore.

and also the bats like i said before a pretty crap for 165 points, you could get some crypt gouls alongside a unit or 2 of dire wolves

05-05-2008, 10:43
dispell scrolls are not needed when you have 4 dispell dice against 4 or MAYBE 6 power dice.

Andrew Luke
05-05-2008, 14:32
Interesting, but I think you should only use one Forbidden lore. The Vampire lore is great, you need to be using it! I'd suggest switching it out with Master of the Black arts... That extra power turns your Vamp into a serious magical threat and will make sure you have a couple dice around for maintenance spells.

Unfortunately I have to agree with the other posters... Although cool and fluffy, there is nothing bat swarms can do that a cheap unit of Zombies can't, and Zombies can do things that they cannot...

05-05-2008, 20:01
Thanks for the comments I think I will drop the bats for dire wolves...probably.

As to why I chose the law of fire. Beasts may seem like a better bet but I often find I roll a bit below par on two dice. I planned on casting fireballs and the sword of ruin mostly. The power stone is for a mid to late game big spell. 4 S 8 attacks that hit on 2's is just as cool as anger of the bear. I was also tempted by law of heavens.

My plan for magic is lots of reliably cast spells. I can go for multiple castings of invocation on a 3+ or very reliably cast some ok magic missiles. I don't need all that many dice. The periapt should help me with my lack of dice a little.

The bat swarms I want to keep as they do have some very good redeeming features. Firstly plenty of wounds means unless they're fighting something with lots of attacks they will easily hold units up for a turn or two. They are very flexible since they are a bit faster than my regular units and very importantly have 360' line of sight. So can quickly pin or kill enemy skirmishers or flyers that are trying to harass my small army. Lastly with decent unit strength and D6 wounds raised per casting (which can take them above starting size if the right vampire casts it) I can use them to outnumber, flank or chase them down. (As a flyer I believe the persue 3D6".)

If I drop the fell bats, nightshroud for cadverous cuirass plus one spear armed skeleton I could get a corpse cart. This would give me a useful bound spell and another unit that can protect my flanks from enemy skirmishers.

Thanks for the feedback so far.

05-05-2008, 20:08
the problem is you still only have 4 power die basic.. you will be facing off against 3DD minimun in most cases [my 1k Goblin army has 5+DD] you will be hard pushed to get off any but the IoN spells, and een then only a limited number....

VC Doke
06-05-2008, 10:28
Shadow is by far the best lore for vamps.

-It can move your US models.

-Kill knights on a 6+

-After fly in hit multiple units (great in 1000 pts).

-Make you cause terror

-Move in better than vanhels

-Swallow up a war machine, infantry unit, or treeman

Only one wizard should have the Lore and put a powerstone on them.
It worked great for me yesterday!