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05-05-2008, 04:47
Ive played two games now with my high elves and have little success with my magic. I figure to make it worthwhile i need to take four mages. So i decided to draw up a more fighty list using my recently converted ellyrian reavers.

Prince on Moon Dragon
-Vambrances of defense, armor of caledor, lance

Noble on High elf steed
-lance, heavy armor, shield

Level 1 Mage
-2x dispel scrolls

20 spearmen
-Full command

20 spearmen
-full command

14 Sword masters
-muscian, champion

Lion Chariot

Lion chariot

5 Ellyrian Reavers
-Spears, musician



Its 2003 points. I plan on using the lvl 1 mage to cast either drain magic or the 5+ ward save. She is primarily there to dispel. Would it be worth it to kit out a noble for the same points with 2 scrolls instead? Something like heavy armour, shield, halberd, with 2 scrolls?

The noble on steed would go with the reavers, in a flanking role. supported by two chariots and the dragon. The center formed by the spearmen and SMs.

So let me know what you think, one focus of the army is to be fast, but is it worth giving up the magic to attain this?

05-05-2008, 05:04
If you're going for a non-magic list, you need to be killing enemy mages from more or less the first turn, and ideally locking them up in combat starting in turn two -- so you need to be fast. Really fast.

The dragon's a good start. I'd take more cavalry if I could -- switch as many points out of the infantry as possible and concentrate on getting up close and personal asap.

For your mage, consider that magic item that allows you to shut down a magic phase entirely, if you can afford it. Use it in one of the first couple of turns, and hope that the enemy mages are dead thereafter.

Consider flyers or championless fast cavalry units as anti-mage hit squads.

EDIT: Oh, and don't count on getting drain magic off, ever. Every shred of defense your opponent has is going to be going into dispelling it.

05-05-2008, 08:37
definatley find the points to make that a star dragon but yeh the list is fine.

05-05-2008, 13:48
Just a clarification question, can a BSB take other weapons and equipment, such as a shield or bow, or even a great weapon?

The book isnt really clear on this.

05-05-2008, 14:25
I think he can do like any other hero.

05-05-2008, 15:52
As long as they don't take a magic banner, BSBs can generally take magical weapons and equipment. Generally speaking however, the BS sits in the character's left hand, precluding the use of a shield or two-handed weapon. (Some armies do not, I believe, have even that restriction.)

05-05-2008, 16:41
Something like heavy armour, shield, halberd, with 2 scrolls?

You can't give arcane items to non-wizards.

05-05-2008, 18:35
i would drop one of the lion chariots and either make your ellyrian riders stronger OR get some shadow warriors, or tiranoc chars.

for swordmasters i seriously would advise guardian pheonix for the champ ( 5 + ward save ) and banner of arcane protection for a standard bearer, because your oppenent will be trying to blast them with magic missles etc

05-05-2008, 18:39
the swordmasters are good but if i were you i would give them the banner of arcane protection or the amulet of purifying flames

05-05-2008, 18:41
amulet of puryfying flames? i dont think theres such a thing?