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05-05-2008, 09:06
hey guys and galls:D

i shal educate you in my new fluff thought, behold*flshy soundsing noises* room suddenly sins* you find yourself in the medieval world of warhammer looking upon the stroy of brom*

Brom is a warrior priest and a knight.
they are cousins, Thomas David Brom and Sebastian William Brom.

Thomas was an aspiring knight, joining the pistoliers from the state troops after holding the banner of nordland high and mighty as one of the last in his unit while the others fled.

as a pistolier was part of an inspiring charge against an ogre tyrant and the sole survivor of it after helping to bring down the beast.(not entirely true , the other survivor remains in coma)

as a knight he rode as a messanger from distant araby to altdorf in almost one go and warned the empire for an invasion of the men of this desert land.

once having performed some more minor feats of valour and tactical insight he was promoted captain of a small force and continues to perform acts of duty like no other.
Sebastian brom is a sigmarite and son of one of the richest families in altdorf.
as a lad he was a weak boy and ad no interest for politics whatsoever.
thus his father dropped him deep in the drakwald forest to fend for himself.

ofcourse fate had another plan for him, after waliing around crying he was sighted by a lone beastman and it gave chase to the poor boy.

while running he has told to have seen a light and ran towards it.when the light had gone he looked over his shoulder only to see the bestmen clumped dead at the bottom of a ravine.which he had barely missed.

after being found by a priest of the sigmarite church and telling his story he was adopted and seen asa blessing of sigmar.

it was clear to the priest that the little boy was favoured by sigmar and thus he became a priest.now of age he is about to write his destiny in the books of war as he had joined his adopted cousins warband as a interpreter of sigmars faith.

ok guys thats it for now i have to go do something important but i wil be beack with my army list soon .

in the meanwhile gaze upon my fluff and tell me what you think.
i know theyre not uber heroes killing great orcs and stuff alone but i think that makes them more human and able to be recognised with.

also as i always say, sorry for the spelling mistakes i'm just a dutchy

05-05-2008, 10:16
wel here it is my 1000 points empire force.

thomas david brom(captain)
sword of power
full plate
horse barded

sebastian brom (Warrior priest)
dispel scroll
armour that gives 1+ svae forgot name
extra hand weapon

Mishael gorbatjov(i liked the name^^=close friend of the family and bears
their family symbol)banner of the griffon and heavy armor

18 state troops -swordsmen
full command

6 knights

5 knights ic

5 pistoliers
repeater pistol


gorbatjov and sebastian go with the 18 man unit.
thomas goes with the ic knights

the state troops are followers who sbastian has rallied from his home village and thomas has brought along his allies and old friends from his days a s a knight and pistolier etc9pistoliers all died so not from there:P)