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05-05-2008, 09:38
Ok, so I am extremely new to fantasy and am basically seeing how/if I want to get into it, and I've decided that if I do play fantasy, I want to play Chaos.

I have only the vaguest of ideas from a skimming of the rulebook and Chaos army book about how the game works compared with 40k, but here's the list I came up with. Please tell me if this list is just plain retarded/won't work, if anything looks out of place, if I am missing something vital, or if I have done something wrong.

Chaos Lord
Gaze of the Gods
Chaos Steed.

Sorcerer-Level 2
Chaos Steed
Power Familiar
(Doom and Darkness; Wind of Death)

Sorcerer-Level 2
Chaos Steed
Dispel Scroll
Power Stone
(Fireball; Flaming Sword of Ruin)

10 Chosen Chaos Knights w/Shields & Musician

3x 10 Chaos Knights w/Shields & Musician.

1x Chaos Spawn.



05-05-2008, 09:49
10 is way too big for a unit of Chosen knights, drop them to five, at the most 6, and maybe give them the warbanner or something.

I would drop the rest of the regular knights to one unit of 5 and put the lord in it, and use the points to buy some chariots and marauder horsemen at least.

In a mounted force spawn don't really have a place as it won't be able to keep up with the rest of the army.

By the way, you roll for what spells your sorceror knows at the beginning of each battle, you don't select them before hand.

Hope this helps

05-05-2008, 10:33
That and I am not really a fan of the runesword, you might have more use for a 'can opener'. Look in the beasts of chaos booky.

The Red Scourge
05-05-2008, 13:18
Keep knight units at a maximum of 6.

Read up on the rules of Fast Cavalry and give Marauder Horsemen a second glance. Throwing Axes Make for a great harassment, and to give them a better punch try putting your mounted sorcerers in the units – and remember to give them a musician ;)

Use Warhounds. They're great for blocking your enemys LOS and getting in a flank charge – and they're perfect for taking down a warmachine crew – also they're cheap and expendable allowing you to wait for your opponent to deploy his army before you place yours.

Also think of getting some really hard-hitters, when you're opponent fields some tough units like HE Star Dragon and Imperial Stank. A giant/dragon ogre/Shaggoth/hellcannon/general on dragon etc.. Otherwise you'll find that toughness 6 will tie up your units for too long.

When going undivided, think of giving knight units the Mark of Khorne. The blood god will give them the extra punch and add a little extra to the mix by giving you dispel dies – you'll need the hounds though to control the frenzied knights.

Personally I find the Fire lore the weakest of the lores, its just magic missiles and you can get those from the other lores too, while also getting more other more versatile spells. Shadow is great – if you get the Unseen Lurker, you can have a turn one charge – you can't utilize the #1 spell though. Death is great too, especially if you've got some fear causing units, and its good for lvl 2 wizards as the maximum difficulty is 10+. The only time I've considered using the Lore of Fire is for a general (with the 1 lvl wizard book) and hoping for him to get the Flaming Sword of Rhuin – but thats a bit far fetched and a magic sword will be more reliable and cheaper.

05-05-2008, 14:08
you need warhounds as noted...

also your mages dont get to pick spells, you roll randomly...

with the way the new choas army book is looking you will need something else as core as knight will become special...

picking a mark is also a good idea, adds some theme to the army and gives some nice bonuses...

05-05-2008, 14:19
As long as you play after the "old" hordes of chaos list from the armybook, take some furies.

05-05-2008, 14:21
considering the changes to chaos next month, your going to need some core units, which at 2000 pts, will probably mean you dropping a unit of knights and preventing you from having access to beast or daemons. IMO, I'd wait for the white dwarf, but if you want to start now, I'd definately take one if not units of Marauder Horsemen. Arm them with flails and a musician and you'll be on your way. The marks are expected to be altered for the next book so I'd refrain from choosing just yet. Also, considering giving the lord a daemonic mount, the berserker sword and the gaze of the gods. The current trend if for mounts to be 1 wound, meaning the enemy can't target the lord's steed, your lord will get the +1 armour save and you get a wider frontage with which to use the berserker sword.

As with everyone else, drop the spawn and lower the number of knights. Not only is it expensive in terms of points, but its also expensive in terms of pounds. Note though: it is rumoured that there will be new plastic knights in november.

13-05-2008, 20:19
in a month this list will be totally unplayable.

Just wait till the new hordes list in WD