View Full Version : 1500pt vampire count army

ginger gobbo
05-05-2008, 14:07
a bit of a different army for me as i usually go for fire power but hey

(Assassin) Vampire
Helm of commandment (units with in 12 of vamp can use her WS)
Talisman of protection (6+ ward SV)
Walking death (+1 combat res)
Avatar of death (heavy armour shield and hand weapon) 190pts

(Lady) Vampire
X2 dispel scrolls
Master of the black arts (+2 power dice) 200pts

20 skeleton warriors
Cursed pennant of mousillion (d6 s4 hits when you take the banner after this it is s3 at the start of there turn) 225pts

20 skeleton warriors
Spears 200pts

20 skeleton warriors
Spears 200pts

20 grave guard
Banner of barrows (+1 to hit in combat) 315pts

4 fell bats 80pts 80pts

4 fell bats 80pts

critisism welcome :)

Andrew Luke
05-05-2008, 14:15
Cool idea, but remember that the Helm of Commandment cannot be used if the Vampire is in Combat, so give it to the cast Vamp. Another idea is the put Lord of the Dead on the Lady as well, so she can easily bulk up your skellies. This would allow you to drop a few skellies so you have points to make the first Vamp a BSB with a war banner for a stunning +3 combat res :)