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05-05-2008, 15:14
In the magical items it has some items for goblins and some for night goblins. I assume each of these are only for the units they specifiy.

In the Waagh they state that goblins only get a max of +1 of ranks.

Now it would be silly for me to assume that this didn't refer to night goblins too but this made me think: When they say 'goblins only' in the magic items do they refer to goblins in general, and then 'night goblin only' is just more specific?

Or is it only the waagh rules that are to be taken as a general grouping?

Commodus Leitdorf
05-05-2008, 16:24
The terms "Goblins" means goblins in general, the magic items for Nights Goblins are just that, magic items for Night goblins. While magic items for Goblins are for Night Goblins and Common Goblins.

As for the WAAAGH rule, the goblin term is catch all, both Goblins and Night Goblins.

I really wish they had kept the term "Common Goblin" in the book...causes less confusion.

05-05-2008, 16:37
Alright thanks. I was really hoping that I could give a night goblin the One Hit Wunda ; )

06-05-2008, 11:28
Leitdorf is right, but actually the term common goblin is still the one they would use, but there are just currently no items or rules that only apply to common gobblins, and not to night goblins.

For all races it boils down to:
You have orcs, which can be divided in common, savage and black orcs.
You have goblins, which can be divided in common, forest and night goblins.

I think currently in the magic items section, only night goblins have specific items.
If you check the rules for equipment for bosses, you should be able to find additional exceptions, like warpaint for savage orcs and heavy armour for black orcs.

06-05-2008, 11:52
Lol, I ahve never played against a "common" goblin. Night goblins are much more common.

06-05-2008, 12:32
Except they always seem to be led by common goblin characters...


06-05-2008, 18:55
Its sad, yes...

08-05-2008, 10:29
Well, you can't really expect anybody to take a Ld7 lord...

08-05-2008, 15:35
Well, actually you can expect people to do that. I do. And many others too.

The only big problem here is that Stone trolls go with night gobbo's fluffwise, but doing so is totally silly, since Ld7 is simply not enough to keep the trolls in line.

I still vote for Ld8 trolls.

08-05-2008, 16:15
Maybe you do, but the only people I've seen who were playing gobs would either take a common gob general, or skarsnik. Never seen anything else. At least, my army includes one (for now, I'm planning to make another out of forest goblin riders) common gob unit (plus the wolves, warmachines, charriots), so I don't feel like I'm "cheating" with the fluff.
As for trolls, Ld7 is enough, I usually play smaller (not 2k) points battles, so my general is Ld7 (oh, yeah, that might be another reason why I take a regular gob general, otherwise I'd have a Ld6 general... blame me :p). My troll unit fails its stupidity test about has much as the gobs fail their animosity tests. So it's not wonderful, but it's not any worse than the rest of the army :)