View Full Version : tactics for empire detatchments?

05-05-2008, 19:28
hi all,

new to the game, so im interested in using detatchments as part of my newly aquired empire. i have a couple of quick questions though...

what are the best units to use as detatchments? eg is it better to use 20x swordsmen with one or two detatchments of say, halberdiers, or vice versa?

also, are militia worth using at all?

05-05-2008, 20:06
Militia are the best detatchment type as they are cheap and have a lot of attacks. Halberdiers and swordsmen are also useful in this role.

I used 1 melee detachment and 1 ranged detachment, usually archers. Im not sure if you can still use archers as detachments, if you still can they make great screens. Deploy them in from of your infantry block to intercept incoming missile file and to bait enemy melee units.