View Full Version : Noobie mounted empire list (1.5k).

Dribble Joy
05-05-2008, 22:24
I've been thinking about a second fantasy list for a while, and have been wanting to do a mounted one. Brettonians reek of stale cheddar and I don't really like them anyway. Choas is possible but kinda low on numbersd and it could all change when it comes around to the new mortal army book.

So, seeing that empire have Knightly orders as core, plus I like the models (bar the plumes, which shall be removed), I've had te idea of a cavarly regiment.
Running with the armoured theme, it's going to be rather 'metal' based, as will become clear.

Barded horsey, lance, full-plate, enchanted shield.

Lvl 2 wizard
Barded horsey, Armour of Tarnus, Lore of Metal.

Mechanical horsey, light armour, repeater pistol.

10 Kights
Full command.

9 Kights
Full command.

9 Kights of the Inner Circle
Full command.

9 Kights of the Inner Circle
Full command.

1407 points so far. Not sure about banners and stuff yet.

More k'nigits? Fewer but bigger units?

Lord Malorne
05-05-2008, 22:27
Add a few pistoliers to give you some flexability.

06-05-2008, 00:03
More units but less Knights. 6 is your ideal number, letting them put a lot of lances on the charge. After that it's 10, deploying them 5x2, to absorb wounds.

Right now this is lacking in power. You have 19 Knights there, you need more. And you definitely, definitely do not want Full Command on them. Musician is enough.

You'll need some Pistoliers (5-6 per unit). You'll use them to delay the enemy as your fewer number of Knights will get surrounded and so on. They're also good for destroying enemy warmachines, etc.

If you really want a big IC Knight unit get 10 of them and give them Great Weapons. Yes, Great Weapons. They'll get Strength 5 attacks every turn.

I would seriously reconsider the Engineer. But if it fits with your theme... It's just that he's wasted if you throw him in combat. He's there for the tricky stuff he can use, and even then it's a gamble.

The Red Scourge
06-05-2008, 04:46
Definitely add pistoliers, else its just cavalry like any other army – and nothing to be impressed about really. They're the best unit in the whole empire army, so use them.

06-05-2008, 15:36
1. dont give wizards magic armour cause they cant cast spells
2. give ur captain a magic weapon to make him more affective get rid of ES
3. more wizards and if ur gonna have an engineer have some artillery at least!

06-05-2008, 15:50
agree with connors
ur captain need a good magical weapon drop the enchanted shield you already have armor of 1 with barding, full plate and shield, either drop the enginner or if you want to go all mounted add bronzino galloping guns 2 mounted cannons plus a mounted hero add a warrior priest will help u both with combat and dispelling

08-05-2008, 04:02
Keep your wizard exactly like he is, I love 'em (he can cast in THAT armor and have +3/+5 save) consider taking a lore with a melee bosting spell though. If anything catches people by surprise it is the battle wizard charging into melee and taking names.

6 Knights a unit is great and ditch a unit of IC Knights for two units of pistoliers if you can make it work.

Remove the engineer (I like him but he doesn't fit) for a second wizard (give him lore of metal) who will be a ranged guy and will give you ok magic defense with a scroll or two. 3 dispel dice don't cut it.