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06-05-2008, 02:51
last week i clean my basement , and i had digged out my half finish dog of war army , and herece is my question :

1. is dog of war still legal ?
2. if yes , is their status change since the 2002 aunnal ?
3. if the status has change where i can find the new rule ?

thousand thanks ...:)

06-05-2008, 04:49
The upto date rules are on the GW website.

I don't think that there actually are any major changes, other than the release of the Ogre Kingdoms army (which adds some new options).

06-05-2008, 12:14

Note on DoW from Gav Thorpe.

There's a variety of reasons for removing the reference to DOW in the forthcoming army books, and these are the main ones:

1. The rules detailing how to include DOW in an army are included in the DOW list/ articles. Therefore if you have access to those rules you have access to how they can be added to your army.

2. We may wish to revise the way DOW work in the future, and while we continue to perpetuate the current rules for them in the army books this will be very difficult to do. Our intent is that the DOW rules, should we produce a proper supplement, will be entirely self-contained and require no references in the army books.

Neither of these are intended as a signal that we are never going to do/ immediately going to do (delete as appropriate) a Dogs of War supplement. They are simply a sort of house-cleaning procedure that leaves us clear to evaluate and pursue the correct course of action regarding Dogs of War in the future.

That's the most recent comments I know of, beyond the OK as WLBjork mentioned (and is also mentioned at the GW web page.)