View Full Version : Good Woodelf list(1500 pts) to playtest the Army?

06-05-2008, 12:18
Just picked up a nice cheap Woodelf lot, since I dont know much about them I was wondering if this was a good list to "Playtest" them or if something in the list is missing. This is for a 1500 point battle.

This is just to get an idea if I like the army or not and if I want to expand it. I will be playing Dwarves or Ogre Kingdoms if that matters.

Battle Standard
20 Glade Guard full cmd
4 glade riders
4 glade riders
10 dryads
10 dryads
6 Wardancers
3 Warhawk riders

07-05-2008, 02:30
I suspect this really belongs in the 'army lists' forum.

That said for a test-run the list should give you a fair feel for what the wood elves can and cannot do.

I'd suggest splitting the glade guard into 2 10-man units and drop the command (banners and champions are nigh-on useless for glade guard)

The minimum size for glade riders is 5 so I'd suggest you use a unit of 5-6 and leave the other 2-3 at home.

There are numerous potential tweaks to unit sizes etc but for a test drive this will do.

Bumble the Great
12-05-2008, 13:54
I agree with raven

I have found that it takes a while to get the hang of woodelves but once it clicks you will have so much fun(especially in the movement phase)

As raven said definatly split the glade guard up and take away the musicians and banners
(i keep champions tho +1 bs is nice)

units of 4 galde riders are probably a bit small as well. IMO units of 8 dryads with a nymph is the way to go 2 of them backed up with the unit of wardancers is a great skirmishing screen

dwarfs i have always found very tough to beat with woodelves so dont loose heart if you get a pasting first time out just remeber you have no real rank bonus so choose your combats carfully glade riders in the side can negate their ranks whilst dryads go in the front

oh and if their is a organ gun hide your wardancers from it :)

let me now how it goes and what you think of the army

Andrew Luke
12-05-2008, 14:31
I'd recommend a musician on all your units. If there is one thing Woodies do well it is flee!

12-05-2008, 15:05
Quick tips, reduce dryads to 8, there is rarely a reason to need more. Consider replacing the spellsinger with a branchwraith with a cluster of raidiants. The only spell in Athel Loren you really will need is treesinging, the rest is too random to rely on and an extra dispel dice is always nice.

Drop the BSB. Little reason for him in this army as you will likely be very spread out.

Drop Command on GG, there is little reason to have that as if they get in combat, they will die, only the musician is necessary if you think you will be fleeing.

Consider adding Wild Riders. They are a rock solid unit and have rarely ever failed me in battle.