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06-05-2008, 19:17
Ok... I finally nailed down what I want to use the majority of the time. I have all but my Tyrant purchased, most of it assembled, and I am working on painting it. In the meantime I have been playing Warbands level armies and proxying what I need to for testing the larger army.

I've got my models, I know what I want to use, so I wouldn't bother revamping my entire list for me. Instead I would like opinions on strengths and weaknesses of this list and maybe a few minor changes like gear the characters are carrying and unit options.

Here is the list:
Gorv Brickguts - Tyrant(Gen) @301
-HvA -The Tenderizer -Gut Maw -Fistful of Laurels

Dur Eightfingers - Butcher @175
-Bangstick -Wyrdstone Necklace

Burk Orcstewer - Butcher @180
-Skullmantle -Siegebreaker

Bez the Tasty - Butcher @180
-Halfling Cookbook -Dispel Scroll

Get'ums - Bullsx3 @127
-XtrHW -Musician

Whompers - Bullsx3 @127
-XtrHW -Musician

Big-Toofs - Bullsx3 @127
-XtrHW -Musician

BrainPanners - Irongutsx3 @144

Limb-Loppers - Irongutsx3 @144

Underfoots - Gnoblar Fightersx21 @42

Heel-Nippers - Gnoblar Fightersx21 @42

Crib-Grabbers - Gnoblar Fightersx21 @42

Sneekies - Gnoblar Trappersx8 @48

Yheteesx3 @195

Yheteesx3 @195

Karaz-Bolg - Maneater @90
-HvA -GW

Kawn Blackfist - Maneater @90
-HvA -BoH

Basic grouping for the army:
Tyrant and Kar Maneater form a unit making a US6 unit with ItP, Stubborn, and 9 Str 7 attacks. If desired Burk Butcher could join them as well for even more Str 7 attacks. Usually not though.

Kawn Maneater and one of the Butchers form a unit. Which one depends on what I am facing and how they will be used.

Other 2 Butchers usually run around alone although they could join the Ironguts or Bulls if there is concern about them being picked off.

Basic Strategy:

Deploy Both Yhettees on one flank(the one that has the best terrain to use) and a unit of Gnoblars. Do a denied flank deployment otherwise using the Yhette and Gnoblars as a distraction to trick them into splitting forces.

Work in groups, 2 Bulls and an Ironguts with free Butchers backup. 1 Bull and Ironguts with Maneater unit backups. Gnoblars where they manage to fit in. Set up baits with Bulls, never face anything with more than 2 static CR one on one, instead team up on things as best I can arrange.

Yhettees can either shift to the one flank, or if theirs is undefended/lightly defended quickly move up using terrain when they can and then attack the enemies flanks.

I'll probably use the 1 die manner of drawing out dispel dice as it seems to work well for me. Then buff my troops and throw what I can at the foe.


08-05-2008, 19:19
Looks fine to me. That seigebreaker will be a nasty surprise to whoever goes after him.

One note I have is to keep in mind that the maneaters are immune to psychology and to use this to your advantage rather than the other way around. Your units can flee through them will no worry of making them panic. Great to use against knights with that great weapon maneater ; )

09-05-2008, 01:26
the d6 wounds on the seigebreaker is that on any target or is that just on a target that does not have an initiative... it's worded funny..... saying that if the target does not have an initiative it is auto hit and takes d6 hits instead of the one.... so i was wondering if it was all targets or just the - initiative?


09-05-2008, 12:47
@Malorian: Yep... they will be keeping my precious Tyrant and one of the Butchers from fleeing and help the break test should I end up in a situation I didn't intend, like missing every attack roll.

@pkain762: The d6 is only for models that have a 0 initiative. Steamtanks come to mind. My Butcher would autohit 3 times and thus average 10.5 wounds with 3d6. Str 7 reduces the armor save to a 5+ so he would pretty much cripple a Steamtank on his first series of attacks against it. Against normal targets it does Str+3(7 for my Butcher) and works against Init instead of WS, great for Dwarves and some Undead, not so great for Elves.

09-05-2008, 21:47
cool weapon.... good against dwarves like you said.... but i play against a lot of wood elves high elves VC and TK so i don't see it doing much good against those armies.... i'm a big fan of the tenderizer myself haha d3 wounds you gotta love.... but i think i may try the seigebreaker out just to try something different


10-05-2008, 10:36
looks very solid, only watch out for cannons as all your characters ususally will be targetable.
Haven't used maneaters, but the way you do it seems like a good idea.

No ward on your tyrant is also a small thingy.

10-05-2008, 14:38
Yeah... I've debated back and forth about swapping the Wyrdstone Necklace over to him and finding something else for Dur Eightfingers but I find having some sort of save on a Butcher I regularly put in danger is handy.