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07-05-2008, 14:23
I made this list last night to try to dominate games with CC and magic. The prince will be in the swordmasters and he BSB will be in one of the spearmen units. The Mages will also be in the white lion units, both with High Lore.

Prince (251)
- halberd, vambraces of defence, armor of caledor, amulet of light

Mage (185)
- lv 2, silver wand, ring of fury

Mage (175)
- x2 dispel scrolls

Noble (202)
- bsb, great weapon, battle banner, heavy armor

Spearmen (250)
- 25, full command

Spearmen (241)
- 24, full command

White Lions (150)
- 10

White Lions (150)
- 10

Swordmasters (300)
- 18, full command

Lion Chariot (140)

Repeater Bolt Thrower (100)

Repeater Bolt Thrower (100)

Total : 2244

I have 6 points left so think of something I can do with them. Also, comment on the list and see where its flaws are.

07-05-2008, 18:50
No reason for the prince to use a halberd over a great weapon, is there? Also, I think you built your prince too defensive. That's a good build if you're going to have him ride a star dragon, but if he's hanging out in a unit, he doesn't need that much armor.

I wouldn't have spearmen with more than 4 ranks, although in ranks of 6 or 7, I find them very effective. I like to line mine up 7 by 4 with 28 guys.

The warbanner is really good. You should REALLY give it to one of your spearmen units.

Banner of sorcery is also really good. I'd give it to your sword masters.

Also, a high elf army without great eagles is a king without his crown. I'd add two.

To pay for all these aforementioned suggestions, I'd drop the RBTs (they are relatively one of the worse war machines out there, and almost never make their points back, and don't at all fit with the highly mobile and fluid attack strategies of the high elves), and the lion chariot (I find you get more bang for your buck if you just use more white lions or sword masters or spearmen or something).

Also, your swordmaster unit is a bit large. I prefer two ranks of 8. I'd never use more than 2 ranks of them.

Good luck!

07-05-2008, 23:14
I appreciate the comments! I only use great eagles against dwarves and empire. As for the spearmen, I dominated in a game with 25 spearmen. Lasted 4 rounds of combat with only 2 casualities.

The prince is meant to be defensive. My tactic is a revamped version of the Castle technique.

I might let loose some points to get the banner of sorcery and I might actually get great eagles to do some Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon Hunting or SWLCH.

For my prince, I may actually pull some terror bombing and get a griffon. I know a star dragon is better, but Griffons are just so cool!

For swordmasters, I may go 8x2 because you have 17 attacks at WS 6 and Str 5.

08-05-2008, 02:05
White lions only need units of 8.

Why do u need dispel scrolls if u have drain magic?

08-05-2008, 02:38
drain magic is a spell, with an average difficulty to cast, so you need two dice for it now, which can either miscast or be dispelled, so having a dispell scroll is just an added bit of safty

10-05-2008, 00:55
I usually have a lvl 1 mage with 2 scrolls so I have shield of saphery and the ability to dispel. I may go a bit more magic heavy to be able to dispel those several thousand power dice that VC has.