View Full Version : I need help with an empire 1000 points list to rule them al

07-05-2008, 19:38
hello peoples of warseer.
i have here an army of a 1000 points and i would like opinions and interesting thoughts on it, if you want you can help me ad fluff also:D could be a fun project.

here it is, if you want you can cut out anything you want and replace it with x

1000pts army list

sword of power
full plate
barded horse

warrior priest------------------144
armour of meteoric armour
2nd warhammer
dispel scroll

full plate
battle standard
griffon banner

characters=396 pts

18 swordsmen----------133
full command

6 knights---------------138

core total=271

5 ic knights--------------170 pts
ful command

5 pistoliers-----------------107
repeater pistol

special = 277 pts

10 free comp detach of swords =50 pts
10 free comp detach of swords = 50 pts

total - 1000 pts

ive had an idea to cheapen out heroes and units and to ad maybe a unit of flaggs or greatswords

or delete the warrior priest or banner bear and get a large flags or greatsword unit.

feel free to say stuff