View Full Version : 2K Empire - Mad Doc's Single Hero Idea

17-10-2005, 22:21
This list was drawn up to see how Mad Doc's principle of skimping on heros to max troops could play out with the Empire. This list may be a bit too defensivly oriented, but it is due to the need to stay near the Ld 9 general with all Ld 7 troops.

Arch Lector w/ Hvy Armor + Shield
2 x 30 spearmen (6x5 formation) full command; 10 Archer + 12 Halberd deatchments
25 Greatswordsmen (5x5) w/ full command + Banner of Arcane Warding (MR2)
2 x 12 Handgunners - marksman w/ Hochland
2 mortars, 1 cannon
18 Flagelants w/ prophet.

Set up in a defensive formation:
-----A1---- ----A2----
HG1, HL1, SP1, GS, SP2, HL2, HG2

The flagelants can opperate on their own with good effect, and can tie up enemies to keep them from disrupting your formation. The arty can be set up to fire through the line, or set up on the sides to blast away as long as possible.

Just an idea.

Mad Doc's Single Hero Hammer (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=273124&posted=1#post273124)