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08-05-2008, 01:22
So i like no nonsense armies, the more i look at the idea of a russian empire themed army the less i like it, mainly in terms of painting, i like the new vc skeletons hate the new generic vampires, i love TK fluff (have the book and it is great) yet hate the models, soooo im thinking of (well definitly decided) on a tomb kings army and of course with a theme, and im thinking Babylonian whihc just means tall hats on the minis (plus my skeletons can keep their round shields :).

Everything from the VC range really.

My Tomb King is a secret till it's done all im saying is it will have a corpse cart as the base of the chariot.

But i need ideas for Ushabati and Screaming skull catapults.

08-05-2008, 05:38
I like the idea! Very bold and interesting. I too, love the TK background fluff, but I hate the skeleton models. And since they form the backbone of the army, I couldn't bring bring myself to collect them, no matter how bad ass the Ushtabi look. :)

For the Ushtabi, you could do this: Since they are essentially statues come to life, maybe you could use Ogre Bulls as the foundation for Gold Statues, maybe with turquoise inlays and jeweled decorations. Would probably require some green stuff to add Babylonian accoutraments, and maybe some sylized beards? (an alternative would be to use Minotaur models, representing the Golden Bull)

Or perhaps it would be interesting to instead paint them as earthen statues, conjuring the imagery of crumbling ziggurats. Clay golems, perhaps. That would be a fun project, painting and modeling the cracks and defects... It would require a lot of green stuff, but it could really pay off! :)

08-05-2008, 09:21
i like the idea of golden staues very much, actually would make a very interesting and fun unit to paint (especially if i undercoat them white then give them a light spray of gold and finally a watered brown/ink wash for an archaic effect. Though i still need to decide if it should be Ogres, Minotaurs or maybe even Ushabti with Bull skulls.

as for the bone giant im using an eldar avatar (FW of course bought the mini because iloved the sculpt of the body and was intending on using it as a Autmn Orion diorama but never got around to doing it) so instead it will be a stone golem.the face is perfect and just requires a little resculpt on the helm.

09-05-2008, 03:50
Yeah, the Forgeworld Avatar is quite an excellent model... I'm actually planning to use it as the basis for an idol for the Dark Elf Couldron of Blood, myself.

My only concern about subbing it for a giant would be it's size... I've only seen it once or twice, but it might be a bit smallish? Not sure. Might work out fine.

Personally, I think Ogres or Minotaurs would work out fine. With the ogres, you'd have more smooth surfaces, so if you sprayed the gold on, maybe a buff it a little bit, it might have a little more sheen to it. But it might also look cheap... Plus, if you play in a tournament, you might want to make sure you have some variation in the colors to keep them from looking too mono-color.

09-05-2008, 07:17
Eureka Miniatures makes some egyptian skeleton warriors that look very Babylonian, along with some more standard egyptian types.


09-05-2008, 07:26
I'm doing the exact opposite - making a VC army out of TK models!

How about a brettonian Trebuchet as you're SSC?
Use different crew models.

Admiral Samuel Eden
09-05-2008, 08:16
Nice theme.
When it comes to Ushabiti, heres my 2c worth.
Option A) Use Ogre Bulls as stated above or as Persian Jetti's. Jetti's were basically body builders who performed public execution but also fought as basically crack troops or shock troops. You would simply have to model Babylonian Tunics to the Ogres but otherwise, they are very similar. Paint them with very oiled skin.
Option B) Use the current Ushabiti models, why not just use the TK ones as it fits the fluff, and is probably the coolest model in the army.
Option C) Use ogre bulls with molded Babylonian tunics as the Rhad (can't quite remember if thats the exact name sorry). Mythical creatures that are men with a great build and whose arms end with blades. Simply cut off the arms and mold onto them
As to the SSC just use the Bretonnian trebuchet as already mentioned or use the LotR Gondorian trebuchet/Mordor catapult as they are really nice models.
Just a couple of ideas, hope they help.